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Proposed Constitution and By-laws of Chi Mu Epsilon


Constitution and By-laws of Shepherd University CIS, Mathematics, and Engineering Organization: Constitution and By-laws of Shepherd University CME Club: Chi Mu Epsilon.


Article I - General


            Section 1: Name

The title of the club is CME.


            Section 2: Objectives

        The objectives may be stated as follows:

  •     To provide a network of academic, professional, and social peers whose interest in the technical fields is a common thread.

  •   To encourage an active engagement in the technical sciences above and beyond the experience of the classroom.

  •   To bring speakers whose profession and background can serve to create a diverse set of field options in the minds of its  members.

  •   To establish a deep bond between its members to serve the emotional well-being young people under the stresses of academia.

  •   To reach out as a community in an effort to share and kindle an appreciation for the beauty and profundity of mathematics.


Section 3: Membership


Membership in CME is encouraged from any person who is a major or minor in science, natural or social, including but not limited to such diverse fields as Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Engineering, Economics, Psychology, etc.  The tools of the world bond the diversity of the sciences and in this way our organization is bonded.


Students are eligible to join after joining at least one 100 level (or higher) course in Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Engineering, Economics, Psychology, etc.  Eligible students must attend a number of meetings, made mandatory by the decision of its officers and advisor, before their pledge is accepted.


Section 4: Inactive Membership and Status


If an individual is unable to perform their duties as a member of CME, such as attendance of those meetings, which are mandatory, but wishes to maintain membership may submit, in writing, a reason for their absence.  The Executive Committee will vote on whether to accept or deny the application for inactive membership.  Inactive members may not vote or attend formal functions.  At which time the individual chooses to regain active membership, she/he must submit a request to the committee, as well as participate in an activity for the benefit of the organization, or help in the preparation of a formal function.  Inactive members must reapply each semester.



Section 5: Meetings

CME will hold its meetings either monthly.  These meetings will be general meetings and will be open to all persons, whether members or not, at which attendance will be taken.  All meetings will follow parliamentary procedure.

Attendance of 2 meetings or events per semester is required for each member to keep his status as an active member.  The Executive Committee can waive this requirement if circumstances require.  All members attending the required meetings, along with payment of dues will be considered active members.

Meetings of the Executive Committee will be limited to the officers and the faculty advisors.  Notice of all meetings will be given at least one week before the meeting is held.

All trips taken by CME will be limited to members, as well as freshmen who are eligible to pledge, but who have not completed one semester.  All others, including alumni, must secure permission of the Executive Committee.


Article II - Officers and Advisors


            Section 1: Officers

The officers of CME shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Comunity Liaison. When it is determined that there is a need for additional officers, the Executive Committee has the power to create these positions.

Persons holding the offices of President and Vice-President must have been members of the club for at least one complete semester before they are eligible to hold these positions. (Unless a 2/3 vote is made in favor of the applying member)


           Section 2: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Community Liaison, and faculty advisor.  It shall be the right of the Executive Committee to appoint a member to assist the officers of the club at any time they deem it necessary.


            Section 3: Duties of the Officers


The duties of the officers of CME will be as follows:

President: The President will preside over all meetings. The President will call any meetings, which are deemed necessary in addition to the regular meetings. The President will serve as the chairman of the Executive Committee, and if requested, assist any chairman, which has been appointed.

Vice-President: The Vice-President will assume the duties of President in case of absence at any meeting or on any trip.  In addition to this, the Vice-President will, until such time as it is necessary to establish a separate office, act as pledge captain.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer will be responsible for collecting and maintaining an accurate record of the club's funds, as well as keep a scrapbook of all the Club’s activities.

Community Liaison: The Community Liaison will serve as the representative of the club to the community.  The Community Liaison will strive to develop and maintain a working relationship with the Shepherd University community (including the town of Shepherdstown), and other communities as deemed necessary.  The Community Liaison will also be responsible for event planning as necessary.


            Section 4: Replacement of Officers

If, at any time, an officer is unable to fulfill the duties of their office it shall be the duty of that officer to call a meeting of the Executive Committee to appoint, with the approval of the membership, an interim officer to finish out the remainder of the term of the said officer. Also, if at any time during the term of their office, an officer repeatedly shows neglect to the responsibilities of their office, it shall be within the power of the Executive Committee to remove the said officer and to appoint an interim officer for the remainder of the term of office.


            Section 5: Faculty Advisors

The faculty advisors for CME shall be members of the Mathematics, Engineering, or CIS Departments of Shepherd University. When a new faculty advisor is chosen, they must receive the approval of the necessary sections of the Shepherd University Administration.


            Section 6: Professional Advisor

In addition to the faculty advisors, a professional advisor may be elected by the membership.  Upon his approval by the Shepherd University Administration, s/he will be responsible for assisting the Executive Committee in the procurement of speakers, movies, and other materials from industry for the use of the membership.


Article III - Dues


           Section 1: Pledge Dues

To be determined by the Executive Committee


            Section 2: Payment

Dues (if applied) will be paid by the end of midterm week of the semester the student applied.  Membership will be determined by payment at this time; however, the Executive Committee may grant extensions.  At this time, CME does not charge membership dues.


Article IV - Elections


            Section 1: Time

The yearly elections of the organization will be held during the spring semester.


            Section 2: Type of Election

Elections of officers for CME will be by secret ballot.  Candidates for an office will be nominated by the membership during one of the regular meetings.  The actual election will take place at the subsequent regular meeting of the organization.


            Section 3: Voting Eligibility

All active members of the organization shall be eligible to vote in the election. However, if any member is absent during the election, they will not be allowed to vote unless prior notice of absence was given to the entire membership.


            Section 4: Vote Counting

The ballots cast by the membership will be counted by the Executive Committee with at least one of the faculty advisors present during the counting procedure. In the case of the tie for any offices of the organization, a run-off election will be held at a special called meeting of the entire membership.


            Section 5: Presentation of New Officers

The new officers of CME will be presented at the meeting following elections.  The Executive Committee will take office at the first regular meeting following elections.  It shall be the responsibility of the old Executive Committee to handle any follow up details as well as assisting the new Executive Committee throughout the remainder of the existing school year.  It shall be made clear, however, that the new Executive Committee shall have full power during this time period and that the retiring committee shall only assist with the duties of the committee.


Article V - Ratification and Amendments


            Section 1: Ratification

This revision of the Club Constitution shall become recognized when 2/3 of the voting membership shall approve the revisions.


            Section 2: Amendments

Amendments can only be made to this constitution after the proposed amendment has been considered for a minimum of two meetings.  The proposed amendment will then come to a vote with ratification consisting of 2/3 majority of the entire voting membership.  This vote will be carried out as described in Article IV; Section 2 and Section 4.  The only difference is that all voting members shall vote on the amendment.