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Popodicon was part of the Henry W. Potts Farm purchased in 1964 by the state of West Virginia for the expansion of Shepherd University's west campus. Since its purchase Popodicon has been used as the residence for the Shepherd University president. Built in 1907, Popodicon is a large three-story Colonial Revival house with a formal garden and named after Henry W. Potts' farm, "Popodicon." Popodicon was designed by Stuart H. Edmonds of Winchester and constructed by S.A. Westenhaver of Martinsburg.

Henry W. Potts with survey crew

Henry W. Potts, second for the right,
with railroad survery crew
ca 1880

Henry W. Potts came to Shepherdstown in 1879 as a civil engineer laying out a section of the Valley Branch of the Norfolk and Western Railroad. While in Shepherdstown he met and married his wife, Eleanor Powell. After his retirement, Henry and Eleanor came back to Shepherdstown. Henry Potts and his wife chose the name "Popodicon" for their home in honor of an Indian chieftain, Popodick, who was buried on the grounds of their family home in Pottstown, PA.

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