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Rendering of Knutti Hall

Rendering of Knutti Hall
ca 1900

The construction of Knutti Hall started in 1902 and was completed in 1904. Built in Classical Revival style, Knutti Hall was first occupied in the spring of 1904 and also served as the main building for Shepherd University.

As the main building for Shepherd University, Knutti Hall housed administrative offices, classrooms, the bookstore, the gymnasium, an auditorium and the library. As Shepherd University campus expanded in the mid-twentieth century and new buildings were being built, what Knutti Hall housed started to change. In 1949, the radio station was built in the basement of Knutti Hall. In 1967, Knutti Hall was renovated into an academic building for the Art, Education and English Departments. Today, Knutti Hall still houses the Shepherd University radio station, WSHC, and is the academic building for the Department of Education, Department of English and Modern Languages and Department of Communications.

Knutti Hall -- Radio Station

Radio Station
ca 1953

Knutti Hall has been known as the "College Building," "Main Building" and the "Administration Building." In 1927 the college administration officially named the building "Knutti Hall" in honor of John G. Knutti, a well-loved professor and president of Shepherd University from 1903 to 1909.

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