LibX: Shepherd University Edition

LibX Screenshot

LibX Shepherd is a browser extension for Firefox that gives you a quick and convenient way to access SU's popular and most-used databases.

MS Office bulletQuick Access to the following: Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost), Scarborough Library Catalog, Full-text Journal Listing, JSTOR, Google Scholar, and WorldCat.
MS Office bullet Toolbar and Right-Click Context Menu: Access the library catalog and databases right from the toolbar, or from a right-click menu.
MS Office bullet Support for off-campus access via proxy. Even when using the toolbar off-campus, it will appear as if you are coming from an on-campus computer.
MS Office bullet Quick full-text access to journal articles: When searching Google Scholar for articles, the add-on will help direct you to an accessible electronic copy subscribed to by the library.
MS Office bullet Support for Embedded Cues: When surfing the web, LibX will place cues on the pages you visit if the library has resources related to that page. Click the cue to see the resources.
MS Office bullet Support for xISBN: Sometimes, different versions of a book (hardcover, paperback, edition #) will have different ISBN numbers. When searching an ISBN number, LibX will also search for the alternative ISBN numbers that book could have.

Download and install LibX SU for: Firefox Icon Firefox

If Firefox displays a message "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site... from installing software on your computer.", press the button labeled "Edit Options..." and click "Allow" add to the list of websites from which extensions may be installed. Then click "Ok" and visit the "Install" link again.