Computer Labs and other available computers

Reference Lab

The lab is located on the second floor of the library and contains 25 computers including 19 regular lab computers, 2 iMacs, 2 multimedia each with a scanner and 2 public accessible computers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Reader 9, PowerDVD DX, Roxio Creator DE, Netbeans IDE 6.9, BlueJ, Microsoft Expressions Web 3, GIMP 2, Paint.NET, SPSS 20, Rosetta Stone are on all the Windows machines. Adobe CS Suite are on iMacs and the multimedia computers. The 2 public computers are loaded with Linux and they are logged in as libakiosk.

2nd Floor Lobby

There are 7 all-in-one computers that are available in this area. 2 of them are public accessible. If you're printing from these 2 computers, libakiosk is the name showing in the print queue.

24 Hour Room

1 iMac and 6 laptops are in this room.

3rd Floor

There are 2 (1 of them is public accessible) all-in-one computers and 1 OPAC laptops (for library catalog access only) on the 3rd floor. The Instruction lab (LIB307) includes 24 PC computers and it is only available for scheduled instruction.


There are 16 Laptops, 2 Macbooks, 10 Netbooks and 3 iPads available for checkout. Other devices you can check out include: Headphones, Mic+Headsets, USB Storage Devices, Ethernet Cords, Calculators, iPods, Mice, Media Readers, CD Players, DVD Players, Projectors, GPS, Flip Video Camera, Digital Still Camera, Digital Voice Recorder, Laser Pointer, Blu-Ray Player.