Faxing, Microfilm, Photocopying and Printing


Fax services are available to all library patrons, but are subject to availability of staff and demands on the machine for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services. The machine will be operated only by Library staff members. Patrons expecting replies via Fax must either wait for them or pick up within a reasonable period.

To help defray the costs of the machine, maintenance, supplies, and any telephone charges, the Library will charge a reasonable per-page fee. The price will be the same for every patron.

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Microfilm/Microfiche Services

Microform reader/printers are located on the main floor. Copies from microfilm and microfiche are .15/pg.

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Photocopy Services

Two photocopiers are located on the main floor of the library. One copier produces only black and white copies at a charge of .15/pg. The second copier produces both color and black and white copies at a charge of .25/pg. Patrons have the option of either emailing a document to themselves at no charge or copying a document to a USB drive at no charge. The machines must be operated using a Rambler card. Visitor Rambler cards may be purchased at the Public Services Desk for $1.00, then money for copies can be added to the card on the VTS machine in the library or any VTS machine located on campus.

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Rambler or Visitor cards must be used to retrieve print jobs. Money can be deposited to the Rambler or Visitor card using the 'Rambler Cash-to-Card' machine outside room 256.

Print jobs are held in the printer for 20 minutes after the job is sent to the printer or until the patron pays for the job – whichever comes first.

Visitor Rambler cards are available for purchase ($1.00) at the Public Services desk. The patron must then add money to the card using the Rambler Cash-to-Card machine in order to print.