Faculty Services

Library Liaison

The Library faculty participate as library liaisons with faculty and students to enhance learning, particularly through library instruction. The liaisons collaborate with faculty and students to share expertise for research and class projects, maintain departmental contact, and provide one-on-one academic assistance by phone, email, or in-person

Laura Neal
Liaison for School of Business and Social Sciences
Laura Neal
phone: 304-876-5379
email: lneal@shepherd.edu
office: Room 250
Rhonda Donaldson
Liaison for School of Education and Professional Studies
Rhonda Donaldson
phone: 304-876-5424
email: rdonal01@shepherd.edu
office: Room 252
Yanhong Wang
Liaison for School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Yanhong Wang
phone: 304-876-5302
email: ywang@shepherd.edu
office: Room 253

Instruction/Information Literacy

Given the complexity and wide range of resources in today's academic libraries, the new emphasis on computerized retrieval of information, and renewed concerns for strengthening research and writing in the curriculum, the Library has taken steps to strengthen its instructional programs and invites the cooperation of faculty in fostering information literacy within the University.

The Scarborough Library's professional staff teaches information and research skills and advocates integration of this instruction with the university curriculum. To this end, classroom faculty are strongly urged not only to discuss research assignments with librarians, but also to arrange for special sessions of library instruction when these may be appropriate.

The Library offers both discipline-based instruction, geared to specific classes and courses, and its own programs of instruction. To arrange for instruction, please contact Laura Neal by phone at 304-876-5379 or by e-mail at lneal@shepherd.edu at least one week in advance.

The Library offers LBSC 100: "Research Methods and Information Retrieval," a one credit course for any undergraduate who desires a general introduction to the use of library materials and Internet resources.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan allows us to borrow books, AV, and journal articles from other institutions on your behalf. Please see the Scarborough Library Interlibrary Loan page for more information about Interlibrary Loan service.

Course Reserves

The Library recognizes the value of Faculty Reserve collections in supporting the instructional program of the University, and makes every effort to accommodate user needs. Reserves are kept at the Public Services desk. Please see the Scarborough Library Course Reserves page for more information about Course Reserve service.

Recommend Library Material

Development of the library's collection to support teaching and research programs of the University is the joint responsibility of the faculty and Library. Faculty members may recommend the purchase of materials to add to the Library's collection.

You may discuss collection needs with a Library Liaison assigned selection responsibilities in your subject area.

For your convenience, faculty may submit orders online using the Recommend a Library Purchase Form. Fill in as much information as known about the item requested such as author, title, date, publisher, price, etc. and date needed.
Book selection cards are available at the Public Services Desk or by calling the Acquisitions Department at 304-876-5417. The request forms should include the author's name, title, publisher, date, edition, number of volumes, price, and the ISBN number if available. The book request card indicates priority according to the following scheme:

The Library policy is to purchase one copy; however, a request for two or more copies can be presented to the Dean of Libraries