24-Hour Study Room Policy

Only currently enrolled Shepherd University students are allowed in the 24-Hour Study Room.

The following rules also apply to the usage of this room:

  1. No Pets (except properly identified service animals)
  2. No sleeping overnight
  3. No bathing
  4. No alcoholic beverages
  5. Reasonable quiet is expected
  6. Parents/caregivers must supervise the behavior of their children at all times
  7. Children should not be left unattended
  8. Misconduct such as
    1. Foul or threatening language/gestures
    2. Public drunkenness
    3. Persistent loudness
    4. Fighting
    5. Other offensive behavior
    will result in expulsion from the premises.

Disruptive behavior should be reported to library staff immediately.

After normal operating hours, CONTACT CAMPUS POLICE: (304) 876-5202

Revised 8-21-12