History of Ruth Scarborough Library

The history of Scarborough Library begins with the history of Shepherd University when it opened in 1871. The first Shepherd Library shared a classroom in McMurran Hall. The library remained in this room until it was moved into the newly completed Knutti Hall in 1904 where it occupied the back part of the building on the second floor. Faculty members originally operated the library and cataloged the books. Shepherd's first librarian, Miss Stewart E. Arnold, was hired in 1924 and held the position for 26 years. As the library continued to grow, so did the need for a building of its own.

A new library building was completed in 1965. When the library was moved from Knutti Hall, there were approximately 39,000 volumes, 370 phonograph records, 300 filmstrips, 135 microfilm reels, and 276 periodical subscriptions. The library was named Ruth Scarborough Library in 1977 after Dr. Scarborough, Shepherd history professor from 1936-1966.

A much needed library addition was realized in August 2002 with the completion of an 80,000 square foot building. The library now shares the addition with the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies, a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to promote a better understanding of the U.S Congress. The addition was followed by a renovation of the original 1965 building. October 2003 saw the rededication of the renovated library.

The new facility offers technological resources including data ports and wireless capability throughout the building. The main floor of the library has a large computer lab allowing spaces for collaboration and group work. The library provides over 30 student access computers and provides 4 public access computers. Below is a statistical snapshot of the Scarborough Library as of June 2012.

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