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Legend of the Yellow House

During the Yellow House's time as a residence, it is said the house was a witness to a mystery that has never been solved. This tale has different versions but the story always revolves around the death of Mr. George Yontz, the town cobbler, who at the time of his death in 1912 was living in the Yellow House.

George Yontz's body was found several feet from the Yellow House by passing villagers. The villagers believed the town cobbler had been slain because he had hidden a great deal of money in the Yellow House. Despite all efforts the hidden money was never found.

After the cobbler's funeral, it is said that there are noises such as a tap-tap coming from the attic and that George Yontz's cat, Ham, would venture up to the attic and sit at the attic door every year on the day of the cobbler's death. Ham did this until his own death.

So you never know when you walk by the Yellow House - you may just hear the tap-tapping of the cobbler.

Check out the legends of the Yellow House yourself by reading the stories as they were written:

Ghost of the Olden Days
1928 Cohongoroota page 84

Restless Spirit Roams Campus, Haunts Old High Street Cottage
Article in "The Picket" October 28, 1954

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