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Miller Hall

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Young girl of Miller Hall

Legend has it a young girl about the age of 12 dressed in Victorian dress and long dark hair is spotted in the halls of Miller Hall. It is said that the young girl was associated with the Schley family who owned the property before Shepherd University purchased the property in 1915. The young girl was in the hayloft of the barn on the property and fell off the loft and died. It is said the young girl has been seen in Turner Hall as well.

Other Miller Hall stories

Legend has it that Nursing student hung herself in the attic of Miller Hall. It is unknown why.

Legend has it the in Room 201 of Miller Hall there were some really weird happenings so in the 1980s a Catholic priest was brought to Room 201 to do an exorcism. The reality is that a priest was asked to come to Room 201 to give the room an blessing because the students in Room 201 did not feel comfortable in the room.

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