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President's Cottage

President's Cottage
ca 1956

The President's Cottage, also known as "The President's Home," was the residence for the Shepherd University President until the purchase of Popodicon in 1964. The last president to call this home was President Ikenberry.

The President's Cottage was purchased by the state of West Virginia in 1915 from Howard Pinkney Schley and his wife, Anna Woolery Schley. The President's Cottage was a 1910s Bungalow style, ten-room house residing on a 3.58 acre lot located on the northeast corner of West High Street and North Duke Street. The vacant acreage north of the house provided ample space for the construction of Miller Hall. Also, the vacant acreage west of the house was ample space for the construction of Fairfax Field.

After 1964, the President's Cottage was used as faculty housing. Then in the mid 1970s, the house was removed from the campus.

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