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Constructed between 1915 and 1916 in Classical Revival style, Miller Hall was the first dormitory at Shepherd University and the first building to be built on the west side of campus. Prior to dormitories on campus, students either lived at home or boarded in private homes. As enrollment increased at Shepherd University in the very early twentieth-century the need for a dormitory, particularly a dormitory for women, became a necessity. So when Miller Hall was built, it was to serve as the women's dormitory.

When first built, Miller Hall had a full kitchen, a dining room, laundry facilities, a large reception room, library, and bedrooms. For the better part of the 1970s, Miller Hall was used as a residence hall as well as the home of the Nursing program. Then in 1980, Miller Hall was renovated to serve solely as a residence hall. Today, Miller Hall is a suite style residence hall with a full kitchen and laundry facilities. It also houses the Residence Life office and the Picket, Shepherd University's newspaper, on the ground floor.

Reception Hall in Miller Hall

Reception Hall
ca 1954

Miller Hall was named in honor of Thomas Miller, president of Shepherd University from 1909 to 1920. The decision to name Miller Hall after President Miller came from the State Board of Control in 1916 with the encouragement of the Dean of Women in charge of the dormitory, Mrs. Mabel Gardiner, and the students who would be making Miller Hall their home at Shepherd University. In the 1910s, Miller Hall was also known as the "Dormitory" and the "Girls Dormitory".

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