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Historic Tour Resources List

The following resources were used in the research of Shepherd University's Campus Historic Tour. All of the resources can be found in Scarborough Library's Shepherd College Collection, the West Virginia Collection or the Microfilm Collection. By clicking on any of the resources (except for the Shepherd Building Collection) you will be taken to the Max Online Catalog record. The Max record will give you the location and other information about the resource.

Shepherd University Publications

Cohongoroota, Shepherd College Yearbook, 1910-1915, 1920-1929, 1949-1983.

Shepherd College Catalog, 1875 - 1993.

Shepherd Building Collection is a collection of vertical file folders for each building that resides or resided on Shepherd University Campus. This collection is located in the Shepherd College Archives and can be requested for research.

The Picket, 1896 - 1980.

"Little House" Scrapbook. Compiled by Florence Shaw, ca 1972.

Two decades of progress at Shepherd College: 1948-1968. President Oliver S. Ikenberry.

History of Home Economics at Shepherd College, 1914-1971. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Shepherd College, ca 1972.

Shepherd University Chronological Highlights webpage.

Excavations of High Street: the archaeology of an historic neighborhood in Shepherdstown, West Virginia by Charles A. Hulse. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Shepherd College, 1995.

Notes on Schools of Jefferson County by Oscar Clemen Stine. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Scarborough Library, 1994.

First Free Schools in Jefferson County by A.D. Kenamond. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Scarborough Library, 1994.


See Shepherd's town. Shepherdstown, WV: Bicentennial Commission, 1976.

See Shepherd's town Volume III. Shepherdstown, WV: Historic Shepherdstown Commission, 1966, c1997.

A History of Shepherd College by Arthur Gordon Slonaker. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain Print Co., 1967.

The West Virginia Heritage Encycolpedia edited and published by Jim Comstock. Volume 20. Richwood, W.Va.: Comstock, 1976.

Two Hundred Years' History of Shepherdstown written and complied by Clifford S. Musser. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Printed by Independent, 1931.

Historic Jefferson County by Millard Kessler Bushong. Boyce, Va.: Carr Pub. Co., 1972.

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate offices. New introd by Roy F. Nichols. Volume II. New York, T. Yoselff, 1956.

Jefferson County Memories by The Journal. Martinsburg, W.Va.: Published by Pediment Publishing, 2009.

Shepherd College: an oral history (1968-1988) by Hannah N. Geffert. Shepherdstown, W.Va.: H. Geffert, 1996.

Between The Shenandoah and The Potomac: Historic Homes of Jefferson County, West Virginia. Charles Town, W.Va.: Jefferson County Historical Society, 1990.


Shepherdstown Register 1871, 1887, 1904, 1928, 1929. Shepherdstown, Va. [W.Va.]: Hardy & Hentry W. McAnly.