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Leadership at Shepherd University



Shepherd University is committed to building leaders by engineering opportunities for leadership development. Some of this growth happens through academic programs, internships, and interactions with faculty. However, research affirms that student leadership development occurs most frequently outside the classroom through involvement in student activities, community service projects, on-campus employment, and targeted leadership programs.

Shepherd’s Student Affairs Division supports a wide variety of leadership development opportunities designed to foster and empower leaders including

Shepherd University focuses on the Social Change Model of Leadership

All of these programs are free to all Shepherd students and are rooted in the core values of the Social Change Model of Leadership.

Key Assumptions of the Social Change Model: Leadership is not a position but a PROCESS. All students are developing as leaders. Leadership is about making positive social change.

“Change is the ultimate goal of the creative process of leadership— to make a better world and a better society for self and others.” (Higher Education Research Institute, 1996)

An Introduction To The Social Change Model Of Leadership