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Undecided Advising

The Advising Assiatnce Center has an array of career planning services, our advisors will work with you to select an academic program that is compatible with your interests, needs, and goals. Undecided is not really a major but a safe place to be until you select a major. Students are generally “undecided” because they are not sure of what major to pursue.

Reasons for Choosing “Undecided”:

• Unclear about career goals.
• Take more time to sort out interests by taking a diversity of courses.
• Want more certainty before choosing a major.
• Have more flexibility to get a “feel” for courses in other majors.
• Concerned about success in college.
• Do not want to get trapped in a major that may not work out.

Why "Decide" On A Major As Early As Possible:

• Undecided majors are more likely to spend most of their time in general studies courses without the benefit of a few major courses to round out their schedule.
• Undecided majors may delay their graduation because of failure to take required prerequisites in the first year.
• Faculty advisors in major fields know more about course sequencing, future offerings, and general "inside" knowledge of their programs.
• Students who have contact with full-time faculty outside of the classroom (includes advising) are more likely to stay in school and finish their degree.
• Students may maintain the “undecided” major status until they have either completed 32 credits or 3 semesters, whichever comes first.

Once you select a specific major, an Academic Change Form will be completed by you and filed with the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will assign you a new advisor (a full-time faculty member in the major selected).