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Student Email

Faculty and staff regularly use email to communicate with students. Every student is issued a University email account and must regularly monitor it for official communications. You can access the Shepherd Email system at Be sure to retrieve your computer account before visiting this server. Your email address will be
Tips about email
When sending email, keep in mind it is sent via an unprotected source and without encryption. Do not divulge personal, confidential, or financial information via email. Doing so could result in an embarrassing situation or comprise of your information’s confidentiality. Abide by common courtesy rules when sending email. Also use a level of formality that equals the purpose of the email.
Use caution when opening emails, especially attachments. They may contain a virus or other malicious code.
Getting Your Email
To access your web-based email account, type into your browser's address line.

For the username, type in your Type your original password into the password box.
You need to retrieve this password from RAIL beforehand. It is the original randomly generated one created when your computer account was created.

Click on the Log In button.

The first time you log in, you must change your password. You will need to enter your old one once, then the new one twice. You will then be logged out and you must log back in with the new password.
Remember to enter for the username.

The next time you log in, you must set the default language and time zone.
The initial time zone is set to Iceland so click on the box on the right hand side, then move upward until you see Eastern time.
Once you set the time zone, you will see your email messages.

Your e-mail account has a sizable, but finite size limit. You will need to manage your account so problems are avoided.

Tips for managing the account's size
1. Save attachments to a thumb drive or your personal network disk space as soon as you can, then remove them from the message.

2. Delete any messages you no longer need. Make sure attachments are saved somewhere else first.

3. Check your e-mail periodically, even between semesters and over the summer.

4. Use your Shepherd e-mail only for your courses. Use an outside account for personal e-mails if you receive a lot.

When finished using your account, be sure to click on Logout in the corner of the screen.

If you need help, please contact the User Support Desk.

Shepherd University | I. T. Services | P.O. Box 5000 | Shepherdstown, WV | 25443-5000
User Support Desk 304-876-5457 | Main Number 304-876-5245 | email: