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What is the difference between my Shepherd ID, PIN, Username, Password, and which one do I use where? Here is a quick run down. Your Shepherd ID is the nine digit number printed on the back of your Rambler card.
Your PIN is used with your Shepherd ID to log into the RAIL system.
Your Username and Password are used to log into campus lab computers, your email account, Sakai and all other computer resources.
For a more comprehensive explanation, please go to Shepherd ID, PIN, Username and Password
If I give you my Shepherd ID and PIN, can you give me my password? Do not give anyone your PIN. Only you should know it and no one should ask you for it.
Only you can look up your password. Here are the steps:
1. Log into RAIL by entering your Shepherd ID and PIN
2. Click on Personal Information
3. Click on Password Management
4. Click on Retrieve Original Password
5. Log out of RAIL
I cannot remember my original password. Can I write it down? Please do not write down or try to remember your original randomly generated password. Instead change your password. Here are the steps:
1. Log into the RAIL system
2. Click on Personal Information
3. Click on Password Management
4. Click on Change Password
5. Log out of RAIL
NOTE: This process will not change your email password. You must do that in the email system itself. If you forget it or cannot log into the email system, please contact the User Support desk.
If I change my password from the original one, do I have to make it another six digit number combination? No. Your PIN which you use with your Shepherd ID to log into RAIL and your computer password can be almost anything you want. They must be at least six characters long and no more then 16 characters long. It can contain upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, or any combination of any two or all three of these characters.
I tried more than three times to log into my RAIL account. Can you reset my password? Registrar's office staff are the only ones who can reset your PIN.
I have a game console or another device which cannot run a web browser. What do I need to do to use it on the network? Please plug your game console into the ethernet connection in your room or configure the wireless settings, and make sure it is powered on. Go into a web browser on the game console or on your computer. Type in and select the bottom link.
Enter the required information and click the Register button.
You will need to re-boot your game console in order for it to connect to the network.
I had my personal computer worked on recently. Since that time the security (Client Security Agent) web page comes up and I cannot connect to the residence hall (or wireless) network. Why do I have to register again when I was registered before? If the work done on your computer included replacing either the Network Interface Card (wired or Wi-Fi), or the motherboard which has this network card circuitry integrated on it, then your computer does not look the same to the network. Because of this, you must register your computer again.
When I called you for assistance, you asked me for the MAC address. What is it? The MAC address in this case stands for Media Access Control, not Mac as in the Apple Macintosh. It can also be called the physical address.
It is a unique address for your wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi) network card found in computers, game consoles, and other technology devices like iPhones and netbooks.
It is in the format of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx, or something similar.
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