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MS WORD – Tables, Columns and Lists

When inserting a table into a document, first you must click your cursor to wherever you want the table to appear in your document if the text is already typed.

After you have your cursor properly placed within a document or you are at the beginning of a new document, click into the Table menu and then click on “Insert” and from that cascaded menu, click “Table.”

From the Insert Table box, set the number of rows and columns that will need. If each column will have the same width and you know what the width will be in advance, it may set it now also. If you don’t know the width, column widths can be set and/or changed at any time.

The AutoFormat option of the Insert Table box gives you several pre-established and formatted table styles. The styles include different gridlines, shading, colors, etc. These may be chosen for quick and attractive table setup. (See next graphic.)

What is most important about establishing columns is where you cursor is when you “turn on” the feature and setting of the “Apply to:” option.

Choose the preset of “one” column and select “From this point forward” from the “Apply to:” list.

Creating stand-out lists requires adding Bullets or Numbering. Bullets are characters placed in front of listed items. Numbering is putting a numbered sequence in front of a list.

The Bullets and Numbering option is located in the Format menu.

As with many other formatting options, it is critical to be aware of where your cursor is when you select bullets and numbering. It will affect all of your text to the right and below from where your cursor is at the time of selection.
Steps to Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List:
v Place your cursor where you want to begin the list.

v From Format/Bullets and Numbering, choose a bullet/numbering style by clicking on the appropriate tab and the desired style. Click “OK”.

v Begin typing. Whenever you strike the “Enter” key, a new line with the bullet/number attached will be created.

v To remove the bullet/number from a line of text or to end the list, click on “None” from the Bullets & Numbering box after placing your cursor in the text or at the beginning of the text you want the bullet removed from.

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