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MS Word - Page Setup and Printing Options

To access the Page Setup box, click on File and then click on Page Setup. The page setup dialog box contains four index tabs that represent four individual sections of the setup box. Each section can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tab.

The Margins section (as seen in the above example) allows you to change any or all of the four margins on your document. It is in this section that you have the opportunity to change the distance of headers & footers from the edge of the paper. When you make any of these changes, also pay attention to the “Apply to:” drop-down list. This is what the computer uses to determine on what areas of the document these changes are to apply.

The Paper Size section, as seen below, allows you to choose between various preset paper sizes, create your own custom paper size and allows you to set the paper’s orientation (placement of the text on the paper in relationship to the chosen top edge).

The Paper Source section of the Page Setup box allows you to tell the printer which tray to pull the paper from.
This is convenient for letterhead, envelopes and special sized paper, which may have a designated tray or may use a special tray.

The Layout section is where you set up miscellaneous items relating to your document, section or page, depending upon your “Apply to:” choice.

Whenever you insert a break, your document will either jump to begin a new page in the document, new column, etc., or allow you to continue the document as usual. These settings are in the “Section start:” drop-down list that you access by clicking anywhere in the white area or on the down arrow.

The “Headers and Footers” portion of the layout window allows further customization of how headers and/or footers will be printed. If you have two headers and/or footers you can set them to print on alternating pages. You can also set it to skip the first page for printing the header(s)/footer(s).

The “Default” button as seen above is used when you want to permanently alter the set up of the “Normal” template. Should you want to make changes to your template, make the changes in the Page Setup box and hit the “Default” button and then select “Yes” at the next box that appears on your screen.
Should you wish to use a different font or pitch with all new documents, go to the “Font” box from the Format menu, make your selection(s) and hit the “Default” button from that box and then select “Yes” to the next box that appears to permanently set the changes.

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