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Re-Configuring Outlook

If you see this screen when you open up your outlook and do not have any mail you will need to re-configure outlook.

To do this you will need to close out of Outlook and get back to your desktop. On your desktop you should have a Microsoft Outlook Icon. Right click on this icon so you see a menu like the picture below. Go to "Properties".

You should see a windows like the one below after you click on Properties. At this screen you want to click on the "E-mail Accounts.." button.

This should be the next screen you see after clicking on the E-mail Accounts button. At this screen mark the option under E-mail "View or change existing e-mail accounts". Click "Next".

If your screen is like the one below you have no accounts setup. You will need to add one at this point. Click "Add..".

Mark "Microsoft Exchange Server". Click the Next button.

Type in "exchange", without the quote marks, for the Microsoft Exchange Server name. In the next box enter your user name. Example jdoe.
Click the Check Name button when done. This will change your user name into your full name.

If you receive an error message, make sure your user name is correct. If it is correct and you are still receiving a message at this screen, please call User Support at ext. 5457.

Click the Next button if everything is correct.

This message let you know that your e-mail will be save to your computer and not the server.
This will be the next thing that will be changed so your mail will be saved on the server not your system. Click "Yes".

You should now see the e-mail account that you just created. This should be labeled as "Microsoft Exchange Server".>

Now to change where your mail is going to be saved at. Go to the option "Deliver new e-mail to the following location:". This is set to "Personal Folders" you will need to change this to "Mailbox - Your Username".
Click "Finish".

Click "OK".

Click "Close".

Congratulations you are now finished setting up Outlook.

Click the Finish button.

Welcome to the Shepherd Exchange server.

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