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Outlook Web Access (OWA) instructions

A significant difference between Outlook and Outlook with Web Access is the toolbars. The toolbars in OWA have few words, mainly icons. However, as with all Windows programs, if you run the mouse pointer over the button/icon a tip is displayed showing the icon’s function. If you are trying to figure out how to do something, check the icons in the Toolbar.

Signing On
1. In the address line of the browser type in

2. At the Outlook Web Access screen type in shepherd/username in the User Name textbox and your password in the Password textbox (see image below). Click OK.

3. Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, you are given the option to use the Premium Client  or the Basic Client. The Premium Client has more features than the Basic Client, but may not perform as well over slower Internet connections. Use the Premium Client unless you have a slow Internet connection, in which case you may wish to use the Basic Client. (If you are using another Web browser, you may not see this option, and may therefore be restricted to the Basic Client.)


The Toolbar (Premium client)

1      Folder list
2      New message
3      Move mail into folder
4      Delete mail message
5      Reply / Reply to All / Forward
6      Show/Hide Reading Pane
7      Check for new messages
8      Search
9      Address Book
10    First / Previous / Next / Last Page
11    Log Off

The Toolbar (Basic client)

1     New Message / Contact / Distribution List, etc.
2     Move
3     Copy
4     Delete
5     Navigate up one folder
6     Rename
7     Check for new messages
8     Empty Deleted Items
9     View Messages options
10   Address Book

Opening Email
To open a new email, simply click on it in the Inbox. The new mail message will open up in its own window. (In the Premium client the selected message will appear in the Reading Pane on the right of the screen.)

Sending Email
Whether creating a new email, replying or forwarding an email, the process is the same. Click the appropriate button on the Toolbar.
A difference with OWA is after you have typed the recipient names in the To: line, the names are not automatically searched for the email address. You must click the “check names” button for OWA to check for the email address on the exchange server. Checking names will look at your contacts and the addresses on the exchange server.

Deleting Email
When deleting an email from the open window, it may still show in the Inbox list. This is because there is a slight delay within OWA. It will be removed from the Inbox in a short time.

To sort the Inbox, click the column header of the column by which you wish to sort the mail (Premium client), or the drop-down list of View options (Basic client).


Out Of Office Assistant

To be able to turn on or off the Out of Office Assistant from a remote location, go into OWA. Click the Options icon on the Outlook Bar that runs down the left of the screen.

This option works exactly as it does in Outlook on your PC. Select you are Out of the Office and type your reply to senders in the white space. The next time you open Outlook it will ask if you now wish to turn the Out of Office Assistant off.

Other options available at the Options screen, include:
bullet Messaging Options
bullet Privacy and Junk E-mail Prevention
bullet Date and Time Formats
bullet Calendar Options
bullet Reminder Options
bullet Contact Options
bullet Recover Deleted Items

Calendar (Premium and Basic clients):

1.  Compose new appointment
2.  Navigate up one folder
3.  Check for new appointments
4.  Go to today's calendar
5.  Change calendar view
6.  Address Book

To schedule an appointment, click on the beginning time of the appointment and then click the “Compose new appointment” button on the toolbar. Complete the dialog box the same as Outlook.
To schedule an event involving other individuals you wish to invite using Outlook, click the new meeting request button. The dialog box will look as below.

Put the names of the individuals in the “To” line. Keep in mind these individuals must also be on the Exchange server. Fill out the remainder of the dialog box just as you do in your office Outlook and click the send button. This is the first button on the toolbar. It looks like an envelope.
NOTE: It is wise to do a “check names” first, which is the button that looks like a person with a check mark by them (see right).


1.  Compose new contact
2.  Move
3.  Copy
4.  Delete marked items
5.  Navigate up one folder
6.  Check for new messages
7.  Change Contacts view
8.  Address Book

To create a new contact
Click the “Compose new contact” button on the toolbar. Fill in the dialog box as normal.

To delete a contact
Click the box to the left of the contact listing. See below.

Click the “delete marked items” button on the toolbar.

Journal, Notes, Tasks, Rules, and Public Folders
These work in a similar manner to the same functions in Outlook. These may be accessed from the Folder List on the left side of the OWA window.
Tasks, Rules and Public Folders may also be accessed from the Outlook Bar on the left of the screen.

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