IT Services

Computer Account

Students -  Your computer account is created shortly after you register for classes.

Employees -  After IT Services creates your computer account, a temporary ID card is sent through intercampus mail.

Your username and password can then be retrieved through RAIL.

  1. Go to RAIL and click on Next Stop Rail - All Aboard!

  2. Enter your SID (Shepherd ID) and your PIN on the User Login screen.

  3. Click on Personal Information on the Welcome screen.

  4. Click on Password Management at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click on Retrieve Original Password. You will need to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy. Your Username and Password will then be displayed.

  6. Click on Back to Password Management Menu in the upper right corner.

  7. Click on Change current password.

  8. Enter your new Password twice (6-16 characters long) and click on Change Password. A confirmation page will state your password has been changed.

  9. To protect your privacy, click on EXIT in the upper right corner and close your browser when you have finished viewing.

Your username and password allow you to access:

  • Campus owned computers
  • Internet access in residence halls
  • Wireless network
  • Personal network disk space
  • Shared network disk space
  • Email
  • Learning Management System - Sakai
  • Free Norton AntiVirus (for students only)
For more information, visit ID, PIN, Username and Password FAQ's

If you need accounts for an outside group, such as a conference, please go to the Outside Group Request Page

Shepherd IT Services 304-876-5245  
User Support Desk 304-876-5457