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ISU History:


       The idea of creating the International Students Union (ISU) developed in the fall of 1998 when Rev. Lyles organized a meeting with the international students and interested representatives from the college administration. The result of the meeting was the idea to create the “International Students Union” that would address the needs and concerns of international students at Shepherd College. The ISU was officially recognized by the SGA as a student organization in January of 1999. The first ISU President was Guy Barrett (England), who served until the fall of 1999. Aaron Burgess (West Virginia, USA) is the current ISU President for the 2007-2008 academic year.

       Throughout the years the ISU has developed from the small group of approximately six dedicated international students and a budget of $35 into a successful and exemplary student organization with eleven active members and a budget of more than $1400 as of March 2006. The ISU has been involved in various activities on and off campus such as fundraising events, orientation sessions for its fellow international students, Relay for life, campus-wide presentations, and voter registration campaigns. The ISU has been a vibrant contributor on the campus ever since, however 2004 saw a migration of the members as they all graduated. The ISU has had to rebuild and is still in the process of recruiting.

For the 2007 Fall semester the ISU goals are:

  • Recruit new members to the organization.
  • Fully establish the new look for ISU.
  • Become involved on campus and recognized by the student population.
  • Organize and sponsor social events for the ISU members.

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