Student research projects have potential value as published  literature that could advance a field of knowledge.  All student research projects have an educational and edification value to the student researcher(s). In order to protect the welfare of subjects, student researchers, and the institution, the following policies apply to student research at Shepherd.

1. Student proposals that involve off-campus participants (except for those qualifying for an exemption), members of vulnerable groups (fetuses, hospitalized or institutionalized patients, mentally disabled or retarded persons, minors, pregnant women, prisoners) or potentially involve known risks to subjects must first obtain department approval and then be forwarded to the IRB for its consideration.

2. Student proposals that do not conform to any of the issues in item 1, or those qualifying for an exemption, can be expedited at the department level. Each department agreeing to expedite such research must have a form on file with the IRB (to be renewed annually) stating  that the department is evaluating the projects for such issues.  This agreement does not prevent any department from forwarding a proposal to the IRB for its consideration.

3. All proposals coming to the IRB from students must have a faculty sponsor who is familiar with the project and the methodology. Supporting documentation from an off-site sponsor may be included, but a faculty member must be the primary sponsor.

NOTE: Department Chairs should click
Departmental Student Researcher Oversight Verification Form
and return a hardcopy to the IRB chair.