The submission of an application for review by the Institutional Review Board is a completely electronic process. In order to submit an application, one must:

  1. Click "Download the Shepherd IRB Form". This is in Microsoft Word format. SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER.

  2. Edit the form as appropriate. Refer to the "Information Needed for Proposal", "Student Researcher Policies", "Exemptions", and "Expedited Reviews" links for necessary information.

  3. Submit the Shepherd IRB form, along with all necessary documentation, electronically to the IRB Chair at this e-mail address. Allow two full weeks for Fall or Spring semester requests. Allow more than two weeks for breaks or summer sessions.

The IRB Chair will disseminate the form as appropriate, and will respond electronically to the applicant in one of the following ways:

I. For all applications:




II. For applications requesting EXEMPT status: