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dji_0042The recipe for a big idea often starts with getting the right players in the same place at the same time.

Shepherd University, recognizing the value of collaborative learning and creative inspiration, seeks to establish a center for regional innovation that will attract current and future leaders and give their ideas space to take shape and take off.

West Virginia’s Innovation Economy

West Virginia’s Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties hold great potential for strategic growth of the innovation economy.wv-innovation-clusters

Resources and potential change-makers are already present in the region. Developing a powerful forum for partnerships, collaboration, and alignment of resources could position this region to lead West Virginia and the nation as a model of collaborative innovation and economic transformation.

Partnering and Contact Information

Shepherd University’s Center for Regional Innovation is committed to developing partnerships with individuals, companies and organizations, where we work collaboratively to highlight our dedication to offering  an excellent platform and experience for innovative solutions.

For more information, contact us at: