1. Student internship requirements document

The Opequon: Location of GAI Engineering stream monitoring project with Shepherd students Eric Cvechko, Carson Baldwin, Patrick Kirby, and ENVS graduate Brian Clauto. Internships (ENVS 461, 3 credits) are studies undertaken at an environmental organization, government agency or industry located away from the Shepherd University campus and primarily under the direction of staff from the sponsoring facility. The studies must be research in nature or have a strong research component. The internship requires 400 hours of work at the facility. An application and proposal must be approved by the Institute of Environmental and Physical Sciences Internship Committee before students may enroll in ENVS 461. The Internship must be undertaken during the Summer semester after successful completion of ENVS 460 (4 credits; formerly ENVS 451 Senior Research). Students enroll in 3 credits of ENVS 461 (with section number corresponding with their designated summer Faculty Internship Coordinator) during the summer in which the Internship is undertaken. In the consecutive Fall semester, student enroll in ENVS 462 (1 credit), during which they will attend the Internship Seminar, submit their internship paper and poster, and present their research orally.

  1. Student portfolio guidelines document

Student Christi Ross samples water levels in the Harewood marsh wetlandOne important objective after graduation is to obtain a job. An important component of that process is a well documented and up to date resume. We (as do other departments like Art and Education) want all students in the program to have available to them the best job opportunities. A documentation of what you have done during your career is an essential first step; the development of a portfolio is how that documentation is organized and presented.

The purposes and the specific components of the portfolio are explained in the guidelines. While some of the requirements are not applicable to everybody (e.g., you have already taken Dimensions), there are several that will be. Please document as best you can the checklist for the portfolio. Dr. Peter Vila is the overall coordinator for the Portfolio requirement. Please see him if you have any additional questions (pvila@shepherd.edu; 304-876-5426; 114 Byrd Science Center).

  1. Shepherd Environmental Organization

SEOStudent organization designed "to foster a better understanding of our place in the environment and how we can better care for this environment."

  1. Shepherd Sustainability Council

SSCStudent organization designed "to develop and promote environmentally sound practices and procedures from students, faculty and staff of Shepherd University."