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Shepherd University and the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) are collaborating on a new biennial symposium Humanities in the 21st Century.

The first symposium, Humanities and the Environment, brings together writers, historians, filmmakers, and scientists to discuss the role of the humanities in educating general audiences about today’s environmental challenges. By focusing on the ways in which hard science can be communicated in cultural, societal, and artistic terms, the hope is to facilitate public engagement with those challenges. The program will include presentations by featured speakers, a film screening, and breakout sessions where audiences interact with experts and each other to discuss the themes that emerge during the symposium.

The program will be held on Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27 at the NCTC campus in Shepherdstown. All events are free and open to the public, and all of keynote sessions will be streamed on Facebook Live and to national parks, national forests, and public land facilities. Proceedings will also be published the following year.

For more information contact Dr. Keith Alexander at