The areas of health, physical education, recreation and sports is one of the fastest growing industries today. Due to knowledge about the benefits of healthy and active lifestyles
becoming more common place, the field has grown and expanded rapidly over the years.
All ages, from adolescents to the elderly are spending billions of dollars and taking part in the millions of others who have chosen to increase their own mental,
emotional and physical health through programs and activities.

Shepherd University's HPERS Department is here to offer you a great opportunity to take part in a revolutionary field, where you can integrate your own passions,
 with those of a needed profession!



Congratulations to the HPERS Winter 2014 graduates!
Paul Koczera                                 Devon Jones
AJ Parrish                                      Ryan Messina
Dameon Hairston                       Sean Sweeney
Olivia Corbitt                               Brian Skinnell
Shana Silverr                               Phil Kefauver
Kirsten Dorosh                            Kim Clegg
Josh Nelson                                  Stephanie Nelson
Robert Hayes                                Sid McCray
Dom Dixon

Professional Fraternity related to HPERS Department

HPERS Students
 "Education is what survives when what has
been learned has been forgotten."
-B.F. Skinner
Photos from HPERS Summit, March 2015

Ashley Fowler 

Dr. Kendig