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RECR 370:

Environmental Education

Current Copy of the RECR 370 Syllabus


Course Description: Examines philosophy, techniques, and application of education in and for the out-of-doors. Topics include history and development of outdoor education, environmental education, including school camping, conservation, and interpretation techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students in this course will be assessed on their ability to:
    • Understand current environmental issues and basic environmental science.
    • Understand basic concepts of instruction.
    • Work as a team to prepare lesson plans.
    • Lead Grade 5 students through environmental learning activities which meet county’s science goals.

Professional Standards addressed in RECR 370: COAPRT (NRPA)

7.02: (Service and Experience Opportunities) Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate the ability to design, implement, and evaluate services that facilitate targeted human experiences and that embrace personal and cultural dimensions of diversity.

  • Indirect Measure: RECR 370 (Environmental Education Course): Environmental Education Project:  Student proficiency in their understanding of Outdoor Education and Inclusion through the Environmental Education Project.
Name of Assessment Scoring Guide Assessment/
Experience in Course
Program Learning Outcome Student Performance Criteria Standards Met

Design Implement and Evaluate Inclusive Recreation Program: Indirect Measure

Environmental Education Project (EEP)

3 Students must perform at or above the "Accomplished" level in order to be considered "Proficient" in their understanding of general leisure/recreation concepts. COAPRT 7.2

LEAP (Shepherd University):
* Oral Communication
*Collaboration Teamwork
*Civic Knowledge & Engagement
Description of Environmental Education Project
Rubric used to assess Envionrmental Education Project
Rubric used to report assessment data (Outcomes) to SU
Results of Learning Outcome (assessment data) for Environmental Education Project

CPI: REVISIONS (June, 2014):

Due to past results and recommendations it was determined that RECR 370 Project did not adequately measure diversity and therefore will not be used in the Revised Assessment Plan as a measure of learning.

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