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RECR 211:

Leadership of Leisure Studies

Current Copy of the RECR 211 Syllabus

Course Description: This course will provide students with the foundations of recreation leadership and group interaction. The course will cover theories, techniques, styles, and communication. Experiential activities will allow a better understanding of the concepts of leadership and group dynamics in a recreation setting

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students in this course will be assessed on their ability to:
    • Understand leadership philosophies, theories, techniques and styles
    • Synthesize the principals, concepts, and importance of personnel management, staff supervision, Employee conduct, training and development
    • Synthesize principles related to professional and competent leadership in terms of delivery of leisure services.
    • Render an understanding the leadership of individuals in each phase of their lifespan both individually and in group situations.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and processes in developing group goals and enhancing group communication
    • Synthesize current issues and trends in the profession within the context of leadership development
    • Synthesize ethical practices as it applies to leadership
    • Render and Utilize an understanding of various leadership techniques and strategies in planning for the community at large
    • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership as it applies to constituents from various cultures and backgrounds

Professional Standards addressed in RECR 211: COAPRT (NRPA)

7.02: (Management/ Administration) Students graduating from the program shall be able to demonstrate entry-level knowledge about management/administration in parks, recreation, tourism and/or related professions.

  • Direct Measure: RECR 211 (Leadership Course): Leadership of an Event (staff training). Student proficiency in design, preparation, and presentation of a staff training event for the class on a leadership topic.

Name of Assessment Scoring Guide Assessment/
Experience in Course
Program Learning Outcome Student Performance Criteria Standards Met
Leadership  Learning Outcome - Direct Measure Leadership of Staff Training 6 Students must perform at or above the "Accomplished" level in order to be considered "Proficient" in their understanding of general leisure/recreation concepts. COAPRT 7.3

LEAP (Shepherd University):
* Critical thinking
* Civic Knowledge
* Written Knowledge
Description of Leadership of Staff Training assignment (see syllabus)
Rubric used to assess Leadership of Staff Training assignment
Rubric used to report assessment data (Outcomes) to SU
Result of Learning Outcome (assessment data) for Staff Training


7.02:04 CPI REVISIONS (June, 2014)

Due to past results and recommendations, it was determined that RECR 211 "leading of staff training" was not an adequate measure of management/administration. Therefore, this assignment will not be used in the Revised Assessment Plan as a measure of Learning.

It was also determined that RECR 211 discussion on inclusion and diversity could be used as a measure of 7.02. Specifically, questions from RECR 211 exam could be used to measure learning as it pertains to diversity and inclusions.

RECR 211 Questions, Rubric, and Results (See Assessment Plan)

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