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How to Apply for IRB Review

  1. If this is your first research project at Shepherd, complete the NIH Office of Extramural Research training course. File the certificate with the President, the IRB, and SURC.
  2. Obtain the Shepherd IRB Application Coversheet and the Shepherd IRB application forms, fill in the cover sheet, and submit the form with all required information and documents electronically to the IRB chair. Please note that the Coversheet is a fillable PDF document. Some PDF readers (most notably Preview on the Mac) doesn’t always handle these files well. Even the Adobe PDF reader occassionally takes a very long time to load these forms.
  3. A complete package will include a) the Shepherd IRB coversheet, b) a Word document containing your responses to the 6 items in the IRB application, c) a copy of the Informed Consent form to be used, d) copies of any measurement instruments to be used, e) participant recruiting advertisements (if used), f) any other forms or information that will be shared with participants, and g) a copy of your NIH certificate.
  4. The IRB meets at noon on the first Friday of each month. Your application materials should be received by the chair of the IRB at least 10 calendar days before a meeting to be considered at that meeting.