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The following Honors Courses are scheduled for the Fall 2013-14 semester:

The Honors First Year Core:
The Honors Core is required for all first-year Honors students. The Core is comprised of two, three credit hour courses in English and History that are intended to provide Honors students with an academic environment in which they can experience education in a dynamic interactive way. Each section of this learning community pairs a History of World Civilizations course with a History of World Literature course of the same period. Students can opt for the pair of courses which deal with the history of civilization and literature from the 18th century to the present or choose the pair which deals with the same topics in the Medieval world. All sections of the Core meet jointly several times throughout the semester for discussions and a group dinner. Students also participate in field trips to Washington DC and Baltimore.

(31712) HNRS 102 -01 - Honors First Year History
Offered: MWF 9:10-10:00
Instructor: Dr. Anders Henriksson

(31714) HNRS 105-01 - Honors First Year English
Offered: TR 11:00-12:15
Instructor: Dr. Mark Cantrell


(31713) HNRS 102 - 02 - Honors First Year History
Offered: MWF 11:10-12:00
Instructor: Dr. Julia Sandy-Bailey

(31715) HNRS 105-02 - Honors First Year English
Offered: TR 9:35-10:50
Instructor: Dr. Mark Cantrell


(31716) HNRS 102 - 03 - Honors First Year History
Offered: TR 9:35-10:50
Instructor: Dr. Sally Brasher

(31717) HNRS 105-03 - Honors First Year English
Offered: MWF 1:10-2:00
Instructor: Dr. Mary Ellzey

Other General Studies Courses

(31465) GSI 103H - 01 - General Physical Science Honors:
Students will investigate aspects of the physical sciences that describe the behavior of objects in both terrestrial and astronomical settings. Topics including motion, energy, heat transfer, electricity and magnetism, optics, radiation and atomic theory, and relativity will be explored. The historical evolution of the scientific philosophy behind these ideas, as well as past and current application of these concepts to the largest and smallest scales of the universe, will be addressed. Students will be evaluated on conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, laboratory competence, and effective oral and written communication of scientific ideas. Offered: MWF 2:10-3:00
Lab: R 3:10-5:00
Instructor: Dr. Jason Best

(30671) ECON 205H -01 - Principles of Macroeconomics
Introduction to fundamental economic concepts including production possibilities and economic growth, market supply and demand analysis, money, banking, and government fiscal and monetary policies. Emphasis is placed upon fluctuations in national income, employment, and the price level
MWF 11:10-12:00
Instructor: Dr. Kathleen Reid

Honors Seminar

(31624) HNRS 389 -02 - Honors Seminar: Modern East Asia Through Literature
This course introduces students to the histories of East and South Asia from approximately 1870 to the present, focusing on the challenges that Asian nations have faced in adapting to the modern world while pursuing their own objectives within it. Using novels and novellas as its subject matter, the course explores the human dimension of the massive changes that Asian nations have undergone in modern times. Works studied in the course illustrate both the substantial differences among nations and regions and our shared humanity.
Offered: TR 1:50-3:05
Instructor: Dr. David Gordon

Honors Capstone Project Courses:

(30888) HNR 388 - Honors Project Prep
This course prepares Honors candidates to undertake the work of the Honors Capstone Project,the final requirement for graduation from the Honors Program. Topics include an overview of the research process, the differences between theses and non-thesis projects, developing appropriate research questions, identifying an appropriate faculty mentor, techniques for overcoming common stumbling blocks in conducting research, and information on the expectations of the Honors Directed Readings and Honors Capstone Project courses. This course will culminate in the production of a final research proposal and plan that will be submitted for approval to the Honors Advisory Board. Permission of instructor.
Offered: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Brasher

(30382) HNRS 488 - Honors Directed Readings
In this course, Honors students begin research towards a major project to be completed as a graduation requirement. Each student will choose a mentor from the faculty. In collaboration with the faculty mentor, the student will develop an original idea about the chosen topic and will formulate a reading list that will contribute to a project proposal. The proposal, which is the final product of this class, should be a plan for a substantial piece of work in the student's chosen field and should contribute substantially to the student's professional development.
Offered: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Brasher

(30383) HNRS 489 - Honors Capstone Project
After completing a proposal in the Directed Readings course, a candidate in Honors shall have one semester to complete the Honors Capstone Project, the final requirement for graduation from the Honors Program. The project's topic should be chosen within the candidate's major or minor field of study. The document must include a carefully prepared argument in support of a thesis statement. Rather than a document, certain students in certain fields of study (e.g. graphics design) may choose to design a project. Such a project must also include an initial proposal that will support the design of that project. The thesis or project shall culminate in a formal presentation to an audience consisting of faculty, students, friends, and family. Prerequisite: HNRS 488.
Offered: TBA
Instructor: Dr. Brasher



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