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Abigail Hobbs “Remembering Through the Dead: Antietam National Cemetery and National Commemoration of the Civil War Over the Past 150 Years”

Kyle Staubs “Senator Robert C. Byrd’s Faith: Sunday School Teacher to United States Senator”

Michel Mulcare “Cesare Borgia: Precursor to Modern Brutality”

Zach Garver “The Martinsburg Roundhouse and the Labor Strikes of 1877”

Jaysen Bruno “Altar and Throne: Failures of the Risorgimento”

Ashley McLaughlin “The Feminization of Sanctity in the High Middle Ages”

Joshua A. Hughes “Slaughter on The Shenandoah: The Battle of Cool Spring”

Taylor Coleman “Intertwining Ideologies: Feminism and Miscegenation in the Mid-1900’s”

Christopher Parrack “Silent No More: Living History’s Effect on the Silent Voices of History”

Brandon William D’Shen  “Hip Hop You Don’t Stop: An Analysis of the Second Harlem Renaissance”

Frederick F. Filberg “Ideology: Five Events That Personified First Party Differences”

Stark D. Harbour “When the Great Father Abandoned Us: Political, Social, and Economic Developments in Post-Removal Indian Country”

Jacob Hanni – “The Political Leadership of John Smith and the Jamestown Settlement”

Savannah Minnick “Lasting Legacy: The Impact of the B&O Railroad on Brunswick Maryland”

Faculty News

Prof. Ben Bankhurst co-organized a one-day conference in England, which focused on the work and legacy of Cecil Sharp. As an English folklorist and musician, Sharp traveled to southern Appalachia to document and record the region’s music. For the full story, see

Prof. David Gordon presented a paper titled “‘Always in Love with Great Ends’:  Pearl S. Buck’s Response to Sun Yatsen and His Nationalist Revolution” at the Pearl S. Buck Living Gateway Conference, held September 11-13, 2016 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) was a Nobel Prize-winning West Virginia author who was raised in China and wrote primarily about that country.  To view the video of Dr. Gordon’s presentation beginning at the 21:30 mark, follow the link.