Below: These Civil War history students and community members enjoyed the guided tour provided by Dr. Tom Goetz, adjunct history professor at Shepherd University, on a pleasant, beautiful Fall day (November 6);  during the day-long field trip, Dr. Goetz guided them through the highlights of all three days of the intense and decisive battle of Gettysburg, fought on July 1-3, 1863


Students of Dr. Tom Goetz’s American Civil War History Class, along with some community member guests, gathered for a group photo at the “Eternal Light” Peace Memorial on Oak Hill on the Gettysburg battlefield during their Class Field Trip to Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania, on November 6, 2013.

GTMC photos by Ashley Simmons












Attendees of the 2013 Civil War Seminar entitled “Roads to Gettysburg” gather while on the tour of the Brandy Station Battlefield.  The monument is located in the Culpeper National cemetery in Culpeper, Virginia.


A tour of the Brandy Station Battlefield during our recent Civil War seminar attracted many folks to the beautiful outdoors in June.  As well as explaining that battle, tour guide Eric Wittenberg introduced everyone to the grandeurs of the Virginia countryside.



Tour guide Scott L. Mingus Sr. offered a tour of Hanover, Pennsylvania, including a stop at Hanover Junction.

  Everyone enjoyed his expert commentary and sparkling personality.





<<< Three good friends – Billy Griffith, Jimmy Horn, and Kevin Pawlak – give an overview of the lead-up to the Battle of Gettysburg by the grave of the first soldier killed during that altercation.


All the rosy cheeks attest to the temperature on the day of this tour.  Mark Snell and his Civil War class students ventured out on November 7, not a balmy day but an invigorating one.  All students claim that the tour was a highlight of their Civil War class. >>>>





<<<<A beautiful expanse of autumn weather greeted the tour goers that day. 









<<< During a recent Civil War infantry class, a poor soldier, far from home, (Michael Perrin, one of Mark Snell’s students), reads news from family and friends.



Mark Snell uses Michael Rippeon as a balance during a simulated fire arms drill. >>>>





<<<< Leading his recently enlisted “troops,” Mark Snell leads them on a backyard battlefield march.



On a recent vacation to Budapest, Denise Messinger had the opportunity to hold a hunting eagle.  She was mighty pleased!!!




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