For Further Reading.  This section includes more than 190 bibliographic citations – books, book sets, pamphlets, and periodical articles;  and 28 website, addresses and brief descriptions of the sites. 

    We have presented this bibliography generally in the following sections:  The Civil War & West Virginia;  The Civil War in the   Shenandoah Valley; General Civil War Works (Including Numerous Specialty Topics); Other Civil War Works (generally  Persons, Battles & Campaigns Beyond West Virginia;  and Civil War Websites.  
     We have further divided “The Civil War &  West Virginia” into five subsections: General Works;  Counties & Regions;  Persons;   Military Units; and Battles & Campaigns.

The “Civil War Websites” are divided into four subsections:

        >>   General, such as Library of Congress Civil War Photographic Collection (

        >>   West Virginia, such as Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, WV (, and four privately maintained specialty websites.

        >>   Site Specific, such as Shenandoah Battlefields National Historic District, VA (, and twelve state and national park websites outside of West Virginia.

        >>   Specialty Topics, such as Nation Museum of Civil War Medicine, at Frederick, MD (, U.S. Grant Home Page (, and Martin Robison Delany (


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Overview of the Civil War

Creation of West Virginia

Civil War places in West Virginia

West Virginia Civil War personalities – both Union and Confederate

Civil War battles & other military operations in which West Virginia soldiers participated

West Virginia military units – both Union and Confederate

West Virginia Civil War Soldiers’ Database (Sample)

Civil War era music

Civil War emblems – flags, medals and badges

An extensive bibliography, entitled "For Further Reading"