A Multimedia CD of West Virginia in the Civil War


The George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War is pleased to announce the completion and issuance of its new interactive, multimedia CD, entitled Mountaineers of the Blue and Gray. Reflective of the mission and focus of our Center, this program strongly emphasizes the common Civil War soldier of West Virginia.

We have prepared this program especially for a target audience of West Virginia secondary students studying West Virginia History and the Civil War in American History. To make the program available throughout all of West Virginia’s 55 counties, we have recently completed the complimentary distribution of one copy of the program to every public high school and middle school in the state.
During presentations of this program at several teachers’ workshops in West Virginia this past summer, this interactive, multimedia program was enthusiastically received. Thus, we believe it will prove to be a valuable curriculum enrichment and enhancement resource for West Virginia teachers of 8th Grade West Virginia History, of 9th Grade American History – 1860 to the present, and for Advanced Placement U.S. History in high schools, as well as those high schools that specifically teach courses in Civil War History.

To gain additional perspective on this new program, you may wish to check out Rick Steelhammer’s complimentary newspaper article in the August 3, 2008 issue of The Charleston Gazette. In that article, reporter Steelhammer wrote: "If you’re a West Virginia teacher trying to enhance classroom presentations dealing with the Civil War for American history or West Virginia history classes, Dr. Mark Snell has a CD for you. . . . ‘Mountaineers of the Blue and Gray’ is a vastly detailed, yet easy to use disc that tells thousands of stories about West Virginia and its people in the Civil War." To read Mr. Steelhammer’s entire article about this CD, you may access it at:

We are also pleased to announce that copies of the program are available to Civil War enthusiasts and other members of the general public through the Shepherd University Bookstore at a price of $34.95 each, plus shipping and handling ($8.50 for a single copy). You may purchase the CD by either calling the Shepherd University Bookstore at (304)876-5219 or by ordering through the Shepherd University bookstore website,, and select "Civil War Merchandise" from the menu in the left column on the bookstore home page.


This multimedia program, which is over 1000 pages long, plus approximately 300 partial pages devoted to hot button pop-ups and hyperlinks, is essentially a special topic, visual encyclopedia focused on the Civil War and West Virginia.


Preview of Multimedia CD Contents

Overview of the Civil War

Creation of West Virginia

Civil War places in West Virginia

West Virginia Civil War persons – both Union and Confederate

Civil War battles & other military operations in which West Virginia soldiers participated

West Virginia military units – both Union and Confederate

West Virginia Civil War Soldiers’ Database (Sample)

Civil War era music

Civil War emblems – flags, medals and badges

An extensive bibliography, entitled "For Further Reading"

By conscious choice and design, the four historic West Virginia personalities illustrated on the label for this CD – Major Martin R. Delany, Isabelle "Belle" Boyd, Private Mayberry McKee, and Private Joshua D. Fortney are indicative of some of the breadth and variety of this CD; from among them, they include:
>> two Confederates, and two Unionists;
>> one female, and one African-American;
>> one officer, and two enlisted men – one each from both sides of the conflict;
>> two infantrymen, and one cavalryman.