West Virginia Civil War Soldiers’ Databases:  consists of two representative units - one from each side - the 7th West Virginia Infantry (in the Army of the Potomac) and the 2nd Virginia Infantry (part of the famed Stonewall Brigade). Each database contains the compiled military service record of the soldiers of each regiment – a total of 3,156 soldiers (1,526 of 7th WV Inf., & 1,628 of 2nd VA Inf.).  Also included are various charts and graphs for each unit.

The following “pie chart” is a representative example of these charts and graphs.  It graphically presents the “Causes of Death" of 198 soldiers of the 2nd Virginia Infantry who died during their service in the regiment.


Note: For your general information, our Center has completed the data bases for 13 West Virginia regiments --- 9 Union and 4 Confederate -  a grand total of 17,072 soldiers.


Preview of Multimedia CD Contents

Overview of the Civil War

Creation of West Virginia

Civil War places in West Virginia

West Virginia Civil War personalities – both Union and Confederate

Civil War battles & other military operations in which West Virginia soldiers participated

West Virginia military units – both Union and Confederate

West Virginia Civil War Soldiers’ Database (Sample)

Civil War era music

Civil War emblems – flags, medals and badges

An extensive bibliography, entitled "For Further Reading"