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January 26, 2005


"Until the Violence Stops"  V-Day in Shepherdstown
  • Traci Morris with the whole V-Day operation was kind enough to come by the meeting and give us all word on what will be goin on with it.
  • FEB. 12 (Sat): There will be a parade in Shepherdstown sending a strong and clear message for the health of women and against domestic violence.  This parade will begin at 11 AM (with participants lining up at 10:30) and will go down Church St.  and onto German St. 
  • That same day, there will be a Bizzare Bazaar of cool stuff like knitted uteruses and other snazzy gift ideas.  They will be raffling off cool random stuff with the best of the cool random stuff being a TRIP TO BELIZE.  That's right, friggin Belize! 
  • They are looking for contributions and for organizations who would want to table could shell out a bit of dough to get a table.  For a small table it'd be about $25 and for a larger table about $50.  People seemed pretty into that idea, it'd be good to get more into the community it seems.
  • OH YEAH!  all the proceeds from the donations, parade, and $ for tables go to the Shenandoah Women's Center.  SO, good & commendable fundraising and all that rot.
  • We need to get organized on this quicker than a bucket o' chicken goes down at the Clinton residence.  SO IF YOURE INTERESTED in doing a bit of co-ordinating, SEND AN EMAIL OUT TO SHEPPAC@YAHOOGROUPS.COM.
  • FEB 15/16: The Vagina Monologues will be playing here on campus.  C'mon people, great show, hella cool.  At times hilarious, at times tear jerking, a fine piece of dramatic production if i do say so myself.  C'mon, i brought my family to see it cause it was so good.  You'll be seeing more info about this around campus and it will be damn well advertised.
  • For more information, email


Supportin' the Arts on WSHC

  • Person came by and did a little pitch to the group about slapping our name on the sponsorship of his show.  It's a cool kinda music show with all kinds of good stuff.  Always open for submissions of good tunes. 
  • We decided to lend our fine and distinguished name to the sponsorship slot of his show

SGA STUFF....Wait...aren't we communists/anarchisto hippies?...why do we care about the SGA??????

  • Fundraisers (let's bathe ourselves in our millions of dollars)
  • There'll be a Legs fundraiser, where there will be the opportunity for guys to show a bit of leg with a bit of humor, take a picture of it, put it up in the Ram's Den and if we win, then we get like $200. 
  • Getting $200 would be cool.  But, we'll have to see what we can do about the whole leg thing.   If you're interested, email
  • allright people, here's the clear opportunity to raise $750 for the group.  A bunch of us signed up to participate in the phone-a-thon and here's the schedule of how it goes:
  • Monday Feb 14: Chris...Frank...Danny...Graham...Sarah May
  • Tuesday Feb 15: Sarah B...Stanley...Ian...Elijah...Chris
  • Wednesday Feb 16:   Sarah B...Raf...Chris...Amanda...Sarah May
  • Monday Feb 21:   Danny...Chris...Frank...Amanda...Graham
  • Tuesday Feb 22:  Ian...Sarah B...Chris...Frank..._____
  • Wednesday Feb 23: Danny...Sarah C...Raf...Lindsey...Liz
  • Wow....we are so gonna die.....that's too much phoning
  • Concession Stand for a Basketball Game
  • Our time is drawing near, and if we can scrounge up some people to work a basketball game then we will have $125 running towards the group
  • I'll send out more info on that as I get it.  I know its suspenseful, but try not to be on the edge of your seat to much.  wouldn't want you to fall

Movie Ideas

  • Frank told of bringing The Corporation to Shepherd.  Told wonderful tales of how badass the movie is, and said the cost would be about $190
  • Sarah May told of bringing Hijacking Catastophe to Shepherd.  Seemed less excited than's hard to get as excited as Frank, but told of how badass the movie was nonetheless.  Said it would cost about $20

Second Semester Kick-Off Concert

  • On Monday (Jan. 31) Matt has gotten together a Second Semester Kick Off Concert with a lot of fine fine bands from around the area.  He said many-a-wonderful thing about The Vacancy and how they could be the next big thing.  SO!  Come, check out the concert on Monday evenin in the Storer Ballroom.
  • Send an email over to for more information

Who needs Mountains Anyway??? PPFFF!  They just take up space!

  • Danny is putting effort into getting renewable energy going and stopping Mountaintop Removal coal mining.  The residents of Southern Appalachia have put out a call for those who want to keep West Virginia as the Mountain State rather than letting the coal companies make a quick buck, to come into Southern Appalachia and act this summer.  This semester there will be event going on around the region in build up to the summer. 
  • If you are interested in this, give an email over to Danny at

Hey!  We like to resist stuff!  Come to the Conference on Organized Resistance in DC on Feb 4-6

  • A bunch of people from Shepherd are planning on going down and experiencing this amazing Conference.  This is a pretty premier thing and there is a lot to be learned here.  And all for the price of $12.  Yeah, its either this or 2 sheetz footlongs (my apologies for using subs as currency).
  • So, check it out at

Fundraiser for the parts of the world white people have screwed over...yeah...this country owes them big time

  • Nicole came by and said a bit about a fundraiser they are getting together.  It sounds very cool, fundraising for UNICEF and the Tsunami victims so far.  There was a bit of discussion of doing some fundraising for OxFam.


That's it....or at least all that I wrote down.  Damn, we did a lot.