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A Trip Down Memory Lane With The PAC.....

Dreamy Ain't It?


A P.A.C. Member poses eloquently during the Spring '04 World Bank/IMF protest in Lafayette Park right before the damn riot cops kicked the protesters right out of Lafayette.


November 19-21, 2004

Protesting the School of the Americas

The School of the Americas is a training ground for Latin American terrorists and paramilitaries who have been cited countless times for human rights abuses.  This is a really screwed up Training Ground, I mean, c'mon their graduates used their training to kill 4 nuns and an Arch Bishop.  You can't kill a nun.........

Check out more information on the S.O.A.


August 28, 2004

Dancing the Klan Out of Our Community



July 22, 2004

Saying No to Mountaintop Removal!

 Protesting the Friends of Coal


Fundraiser Concert for WV Enviro-Groups



October 9, 2003

We Rally For Student Rights


March 5, 2003

Money For Books Not Bombs!