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Actions of the Shepherd Progressive Action Committee


In the 2004 Fall Semester we....

  • Brought Shepherd kids out to vote!  The workers over at the polling place said they had never seen such a high turnout among the youth.

  • Brought the WV Supreme Court Justice, Warren McGraw to Shepherd Campus

  • Organized a day of music to celebrate the opening of voting in WV and got people actually over to Charles Town to put their ballots in the box.  The Red Organges, Jesse Boyd, Lunar Stew, and Carolyn Malachi all played this show.  This show was organized along with the Shepherd Democrats.

  • Organized a Rock Against Bush which drew a hell of a lot of Shepherd kids out for politics, music, and food.  Stupyd Cow, The Red Oranges, Stasis, The Hourlys, Under Investigation, Cryptorchild Chipmunk, Absolute Power, Carolyn Malachi, Ryan Harvey, and Lunar Stew all played.

  • Showed Life & Debt, a movie about the hard IMF programs have done to Jamaica

  • Were the only Shepherd organization to organize people to protest the KKK rally in Sharpsburg

  • Dressed up an pretty costumes to demonstrate against Bush's little visit to Hedgesville, WV.  We got all decked out as Billionaires to thank him for all the tax cuts and rolling back environmental laws.


In the 2004 Summer Semester we.....

  • Organized an Anti-Mountaintop Removal Demonstration along with The Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Coal River Mountain Watch, The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, and The Sierra Club.  The event was timed to coincide with a Friends of Coal meeting across the street, and we had many more people than they did out there.

  • Organized a Fundraiser for Coal River Mountain Watch and The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

In the 2004 Spring Semester we.....

  • Organized a Rock Against Bush to be held on the Midway.  This event was rained out and there were many tears shed.

In the 2003 Fall Semester we.....


  • Helped to publicize and plan the Kick-Off event for the local chapter of Amnesty International.  This event was a great success and helped greatly to spread the word about the FTAA and the effects that it is expected to have.

  • Had members involved with and attending the Regional Consulta in Pittsburg, PA.  This Consulta planned how to most effectively protest the FTAA in Miami, and provided a place for the discussion of those tactics.

  • Joined the Shenandoah Valley Coalition for Fair Trade


In the 2003 Spring Semester we......


  • Held a Forum on the Global Economic Justice and the Effects which the IMF/World Bank have on the world.

  • Had Greens were in attendance of the April 13th protest of the IMF/World Bank

  • Had Greens were in attendance of the April 12th protest of the War Against Iraq organized by International ANSWER.

  • Had  Greens were in attendance of the Global Conflict Resolution Forum, which featured talks on North Korea, Israel and Palestine, and how to avoid international conflicts.  Dr. Rhee of Shepherd College did a great job presenting the Korean issue so it could be understood.

  • We drove into DC and joined the March 15 protest of the war against Iraq

  • Joined the Campus Anti-War Network, putting ourselves in communication with many colleges nationwide

  • We planned and conducted a march and rally on March 5, right on Shepherd Campus which exceeded everyone's expectations for the event.  We gathered in a circle at the Midway at about noon and discussed the war and why we are opposed to it.  At about 12:30, we began to march down to McMurran Hall, shouting chants as we went.  We arrived at McMurran and rallied there until 2:30, listening to music and speakers.  Musicians who played were Funk Me Fester (who rocked the kasbah with two excellent sets) and Brice Henry (performing original and cover songs, blew us away with a spoof of Hey Joe turning it into a satirical Hey George).  Speakers included Doug Cooper, Lynn Yellot, Donna Acquaviva, Danny Chiotos (reading a speech written by Micheal Harman, and Vince George).  According to rally organizers opinions, the rally went very well, and worked to encourage us to hold another on.

  • Collected 60 signatures for the Vote No War referendum sponsored by International ANSWER

  • Sponsored the presentation by Ellen Barfield of Voices of the Wilderness.  The presentation was on the subject of Iraq, and was entitled "Meeting Victims and Preventing More Victims."

  • Attended and publicized the January 18th Anti-War March in D.C.



In the 2002 Fall Semester, we.......

  • Organized a teach-in on the IMF and World Bank.  Leah's father, Dr. Chatterjee drove in and held a two hour teach-in on the policies of the IMF and World Bank

  • Protested the IMF and World Bank.  On September 28th, members of the Shepherd Greens and the Shepherd Democrats drove into D.C. and protested the IMF and World Bank.  Two of our members, along with one Radford student literally blocked the exits of the IMF meeting with their bodies by lying in the streets chained together.

  • Registered ourselves as an official organization with the SGA.

  • Tabled against the War with Iraq outside of the dining hall.  We spread information by handing out fact sheets, argued with a few willing people, discussed the issue, and ultimately collected between 170-180 signatures against the War which were sent off to International ANSWER.

  • Organized a teach in on the history, and culture of Iraq, and the future implications which the War will have.  This teach in was held by Dr. Jeremy Millett, and drew a very good attendance.

  • Chalked East Campus with anti-war slogans and info.  We convened at around 11, and chalked until we ran out of chalk.

  • Drove into D.C. and protested the War on October 26th.  We were a small number of the over 100,000 who were in attendance.  There was also a couple buses organized by Jan Hummer which brought many into the city.

  • Had members who went to, and enjoyed the presentation by Rainbow Eagle.

  • Have worked closely with WV Peace in our anti-war efforts.

  • Co-sponsored, along with Amnesty International Upper Potomac, with WV Peace sponsoring, an excellent presentation by Ramzi Kysia on the subject of Iraq.