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Who can answer questions about my degree or program of study?


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Orientation Guide for Newly Admitted Graduate Students







Who can answer questions about my degree or program of study?


Graduate Program and Continuing Education Coordinators: Each graduate coordinator is there for you to help answer specific questions regarding your program, such as: admission standards, class rotation and availability, and scholarship, waiver, and graduate research assistant opportunities.


Contact Information:


Dr. Scott Beard, Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
212 Byrd Center


Dr. Joseph Robbins, Adult Education and Online Coordinator


Dr. William "Chip" Zimmer, MBA Graduate Coordinator, 304-876-5183


Dr. Georgiann Toole, MAT Graduate Coordinator 304-876-5069


Dr. David Gonzol, MMME Program Coordinator


Ms. Robin Murphy, Administrative Associate, Graduate Studies
212 Byrd Center
Office hours: M-F 8-4:30; extended hours Tuesdays until 6


Dr. Doug Smith, Continuing Education Coordinator
Room 36 Snyder
Office hours by appointment


Dr. Richard Stevens, CSDA Program Coordinator
Room 102 Stutzman-Slonaker
Office hours: TR 2-4, W 9-11


Dr. Dwayne Wright, Department Chair MA-CI Graduate Coordinator
Room 109 Knutti
Office hours by appointment


Graduate Studies Office: 212 Byrd Center * Phone 304-876-5313 * Fax 304-876-5390


Graduate Studies webpage

The main page for graduate studies offers information on the individual programs, as well as information about financial aid, applying for admission, scholarships, and waiver forms, as well as forms related to registration.



Graduate Studies and Continuing Education | P.O. Box 5000 | Shepherdstown, West Virginia | 25443-5000 | 304-876-5313 | 800-344-5231