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Program and Courses




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Program Overview
An academic team, the Martinsburg Committee and the Extended Learning Integrity Committee, led the decision regarding which programs would ultimately be served by the professional and graduate center, located in Martinsburg. The new sport management concentration will use current as well as new faculty members to teach concentration courses.


The growing interest in sport management and administration in the region affords a newly developed M.B. A. concentration in Sport Management, an opportunity to fill the need for graduate education for hundreds of secondary school coaches and physical education teachers. With field placements and the development of internship placements in the area, coupled with the growth in non-school sports entities such as fitness clubs, race tracks and professional teams, provides a tremendous opportunity for the establishment and growth of this new concentration.


M.B. A. Core Courses (21 credits)


  • MBA 500 Challenges to Modern Business (3 cr)
  • MBA 510 Advanced Management Theory (3 cr)
  • MBA 520 Leadership and Ethics (3 cr)
  • MBA 540 Advanced Marketing Theory (3 cr)
  • MBA 560 Managerial Economics (3 cr)
  • MBA 570 Managerial Accounting (3 cr)


Culminating Experience: As a culminating experience, students should select either MBA 590 or MBA 591. Specific concentrations may require a particular culminating or capstone experience


  • MBA 590 Applied Research Project and Capstone (3 cr)
  • MBA 591 Internship and Capstone (3 cr)


Sport Management Concentration* (15 credit hours)

  • MBA 521 Sport Management (3 cr)
  • MBA 522 Sport Marketing and Sales (3 cr)
  • MBA 523 Sport Law and NCAA Compliance (3 cr)
  • MBA 524 Sport Administration (3 cr)
  • MBA XXX Elective (3 cr )




MBA 521 Sport Management
(3cr) This course offers students a look at the diverse, expanding field of sport and recreation. Designed to provide a comprehensive look at the basic organizational structures found in the sport industry, this course will examine applications of managerial concepts and processes, and the ways in which organizations interact with each other and with the government.


MBA 522 Sport Marketing and Sales
(3cr) This course features an in-depth look at the marketing practices, procedures and operations of professional, college and recreational sport organizations and enterprises. Students refine their marketing skills by examining the ways in which sport marketing organizations exercise promotions, marketing research, sponsorships and fund raising in the sport industry.


MBA 523 Sport Law and NCAA Compliance
(3cr) This course features a presentation of the basic legal system, its terminology, and principles as applied to professional and amateur sport. Emphasis is on identifying and analyzing legal issues, the ramifications of those issues, and the means of limiting the liability of sport organizations.


MBA 524 Sport Administration
(3cr) This course will study the fundamental skills of sports administration, including planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, and budgeting in public, not-for-profit, and for profit sectors.



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