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An academic team, the Martinsburg Committee and the Extended Learning Integrity Committee, led the decision regarding which programs would ultimately be served by the professional and graduate center, located in Martinsburg. The program will use current as well as new faculty members to teach concentration courses.


With over 13,000 federal employees in the tri-state area, the M.B. A., Public Management concentration is perfectly situated to meet marked demand. According to numerous government agencies, this M.B.A. concentration will assist agencies and their employees in achieving identified management-level goals.


Government agencies within the region with the ability to partner with the M.B.A. in public management at Shepherd University include, the Internal Revenue Service, United States Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center, West Virginia National Guard, Veteran's Administration Center, U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center, U.S. Coast Guard Operations System Center, Homeland Security, and the National Conservation Training Center.


M.B. A. Core Courses (21 credits)


  • MBA 500 Challenges to Modern Business (3 cr)
  • MBA 510 Advanced Management Theory (3 cr)
  • MBA 520 Leadership and Ethics (3 cr)
  • MBA 540 Advanced Marketing Theory (3 cr)
  • MBA 560 Managerial Economics (3 cr)
  • MBA 570 Managerial Accounting (3 cr)


Culminating Experience: As a culminating experience, students should select either MBA 590 or MBA 591. Specific concentrations may require a particular culminating or capstone experience


  • MBA 590 Applied Research Project and Capstone (3 cr)
  • MBA 591 Internship and Capstone (3 cr)


Public Management Concentration* (15 credit hours)

  • MBA 517 Human Resources (3 cr)
  • MBA 531 Organizational Development (3 cr)
  • MBA 532Project Management (3 cr)
  • MBA 533 Public Policy Analysis (3 cr)
  • MBA 534 Public Budgeting and Financial Management (3 cr)




MBA 531 - Organizational Development
(3cr) This course focuses on human behavior in groups and the dynamics that groups produce as they work. Special attention will be directed at exploring the dynamics of planned systemic organizational change, recognizing that even the most carefully designed strategy for planned change can have unexpected contingencies during implementation. We will consider organizational dynamics from two different but interrelated perspectives. We will explore overt group dynamics as it occurs with our conscious awareness. We will also consider the covert component of group dynamics that impacts overt dynamics but occurs at an unconscious level of which we are unaware.


MBA 532 - Project Management
(3cr) This course covers the process and techniques required to manage many types of projects. The course integrates core management skills acquired throughout the M.B.A. program with specific project management skills and knowledge. By combining skill types, students can more effectively meet project objectives on time and within budget, as well as meet expectations and quality requirements. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques needed to manage projects successfully.


MBA 533 - Public Policy Analysis
(3cr) This course focuses on the crafting, implementation, and evaluation of public policy in the United States. The institutional milieu of the U.S. government will be discussed along with other factors influential to the policy-making process. Moreover, the majority of the class will examine specific policy areas such as health care, social security, fiscal, monetary, environmental, housing, and foreign policy. The goal of this class is to stimulate both discussion and thought on the part of the students and to help students understand the complexities of these issues. In addition, it is also important for students to understand how these policies affect either today or in the future.


MBA 534 - Public Budgeting and Financial Management
(3cr) Public Budget and Financial Management will survey the major literature, history and figures of public finance, coupled with the politics of budgeting. The class will include the historical development of budgeting in the United States, beginning with the classical period of public administration through the contemporary era. Emphasis will be placed on the differences between public and private sector budgeting and financial management and the political context of the budgeting process. By blending theory and practice, students will be exposed to the many factors of the budgetary process, developing skills that can be directly applied to the workplace.



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