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Health Administration Concentration


MBA -- Health Administration (36 Credits)


Welcome! From the MBA-Health Administration Program Director
The curriculum of the MBA in Health Administration is designed to prepare a variation of professionals from both health and non-health related areas to lead health service organizations. All students enrolled in the MBA-Health Administration (HA) will be required to take the following: 1. Core MBA Courses, 2. Specialized Health Administration Courses (in lieu of the MBA Electives), and 3. A culmination experience in the form of MBA 591 Internship and Capstone
Dr. Michael Groves, Ph. D.


MBA-Health Administration Vision
To be a premier and high value provider of health administration education to all types of clinical and non-clinical students.


MBA-Health Administration Mission
The MBA-HA program will provide students with tools for successful careers and personal growth through:


  • The use of both on-campus and off-campus education to enhance their skills, knowledge and abilities in health administration roles
  • Instruction of theoretical and conceptual frameworks for programmatic solutions in actual practice settings,
  • Preparation for private, public, profit or non-profit health service organizational leadership, and
  • Community based internships that add value to patients' care


MBA--Health Administration Goals
Programmatic goals include obtaining a selection of both diverse student and faculty educational and experiential backgrounds to foster increased interdisciplinary understanding of health care. Because a health administrator supports those who provide care, it is incumbent to include both clinicians and non-clinicians in the student body to refine their analytical, verbal and quantitative skills for resolving complex health care issues. Individuals learn both cognitive and affective educational domains.


MBA--Health Administration Objectives
The MBA-HA has four primary objectives. They are to prepare students:

  1. For positions of increased responsibility within healthcare,
  2. For further career choices beyond the entry level,
  3. With clinical, business or other backgrounds, who want to expand their careers into health administration, and
  4. To improve the quality of care and resource use in health organizations


MBA in Health Administration -- Courses and Internship
MBA Core: Required Courses (21 credit hours):
MBA 500 Challenges to Modern Business
MBA 510 Advanced Management Theory
MBA 520 Leadership and Ethics
MBA 540 Advanced Marketing Theory
MBA 560 Managerial Economics
MBA 570 Managerial Accounting


Health Administration Concentration (15 credit hours)
MBA 511 Health Care Administration
MBA 512 Health Care Policy
MBA 513 Health Care Economics and Finance
MBA 514 Health Care Law
MBA 515 Introduction to the U. S. Healthcare System


Capstone: Students in the Health Administration concentration must take MBA 591 Internship and Capstone as their culminating experience course.



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