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Graduate Studies Research Day

Graduate Research Day – April 21, 2018 – Additional information Coming Soon

Graduate Research Day – April 8, 2017

Greetings and Welcome to Shepherd University, as we present our second annual Graduate Research Day. Conducting and presenting research is a fundamental part of graduate study. Research projects represent the culmination of many hours of hard work and in some cases, the culminating project in a degree program. Today’s presentations by students and faculty provide a valuable opportunity to inform our academic community of current research and investigations, and as such, can lead to future presentation opportunities, grants for future research projects, school and business meetings and natural connections to new job opportunities!

Several of today’s presenters are also nominated for Distinguished Graduate student awards in Scholarship, Professionalism and for the Case Study award. Nominees will be evaluated during today’s presentations, with the awards presented at the end of today’s events. Winners graduating and/or walking in May will also be recognized in the 2017 commencement program.

In closing, as Shepherd University continues to develop its graduate and its research culture, we welcome the opportunity, under the leadership of Shepherd’s 16th President, Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix to be a part of her vision of “training the next generation of leaders and model citizens, with the guiding principles of:


Thank you for your support!
Dr. Scott Beard, Dean
Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

Graduate Research Day Program

Winners of the Distinguished Graduate Student Awards 2017:

Distinguished Graduate Student, Scholarship:  Joshua Jones, MACI program-“Methods of Lowering Test Anxiety:  Teacher-Led Review vs. Group-Based Approach.”

Distguished Graduate Student, Professionalism (contributions to the profession):

Emily Terrell, MACI program-“The Use of American Sign Language to Increase Vocabulary Retention of Students in Tier Three Intensive Reading Intervention Groups.”

Ryan Sellers, MBA program-“Competition in the Construction Industry:  Staying Competitive While Maintaining Margins.”

Distinguished Graduate Student, Case Study Award:  “Reinventing West Virginia:  Respecting the Heritage and Realizing the Future.”  Jennifer Hnatuck, David Kump, Kristin Lorenz, Barbara Sherman, and Olivia Staubs, MBA program.

2017 Graduate Research Day Presenters and Judges - Back left to right - Dr. Zimmer (judge), Dr. Toole (judge), A. Vogl, O. Staub, M. Sizemore, C. Newton, B. Sherman, S. Snyder, R. Hill. Front left to right - Dr. Beard (judge), Dr. Clayton (judge), E. Terrell, T. Rowe, K. Kyker, K. Rowley, D. Kump, J. Jones, R. Sellers (missing: A. Link and J. Russell)
Distinguished Graduate Student, Scholarship: Joshua Jones, MACI program, and Dr. Beard
Distinguished Graduate Student, Professionalism: Emily Terrell, MACI program, and Dr. Beard
Distinguished Graduate Student, Professionalism: Ryan Sellers, MBA Program, and Dr. Beard
Distinguished Graduate Student, Case Study Award: David Kump, Barbara Sherman, Olivia Staubs, Dr. Beard and Dr. Zimmer, MBA Program Coordinator (missing: Kristen Lorenz and Jennifer Hnatuck)
Mindy Sizemore, MAT Art and Appalachian Studies certificate student
Alexander Link, MBA student
John Russell, MACI student
Robin Hill, MSN, RN, DNP student
Tajmarie Rowe, MBA student