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FYEX Learning Outcomes

FYEX 101 syllabus template FYEX 102 syllabus template

“Surviving Shepherd”

Pedagogy Tips for FYEX Instructors

Pronouns, Names, & Gender Inclusivity in the Classroom

Gender-Fair Language & Gender Inclusive Pronouns

Field Trip Guidelines NEW! – (Waiver Form – PDF version and Word Version)

In Defense of the Liberal Arts

College is not a Commodity

The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts

Why College is Worth It

The benefits of a bachelor’s degree, both economic and non-economic (personal)

Liberal Arts Education Purpose

Learn Like a Tiger – Challenges help us Grow

Growth Mindset Introduction: What it is, How it works, and Why it Matters

GRIT & Resilience PowerPoint

GRIT scale

Developing A Growth Mindset

Tips for Choosing a Major

Major Exploration Tips for Students

Assignment to Learn About Campus Support Services

Assignment to Learn About Academic Success Skills

All About Shepherdstown

Differences Between High School & College

Wallace Commencement Address

Information Literacy:

Incorporating Information Literacy 

What Is Information Literacy

Understanding Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Research

Critical Thinking: 

Critical Thinking Questions

Questions a Critical Thinker Asks

Fact Checking Information

Tips for Analyzing News Sources

How to Make Hard Choices


Introducing the Wellness Competency

Mental Health resources 

Distinguishing Consent

Self-Care Tips

Financial Literacy:

Make Cents WV

SPENT online finances game

Ways to Pay for College – MPT

Maximizing College & Minimizing Debt

You Need A Budget – budget monitoring software

Time Management:

Time Management Strategies

Time Management – The Personal Time Survey

Time Management Tips

Email Etiquette

Academic Tips (wide range of topics)