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Foundation Named Memorial and Honorary Endowments

Alphabetical By Name | Listed By Criteria | Listed by Donation Level


Ralph Burkhart Legacy: General academic scholarship and University support

Stanley C. and Shirley A. Marinoff Endowment: Support for CATF and student interns

James and Katherine Moler Scholarship: WV student athletes and general education students

Robert L. and Jean M. Rissler Scholarship: General academic students

Ruth Yates Family Scholarship: Student athletes participating in a recognized Shepherd athletic program (deferred funding)



Roland J. Brown and Elizabeth Thornburg Brown Scholarship: Mathematics, Engineering, English, and Science students in the Eastern Panhandle (deferred funding)

Ann Wilson Hummer Endowment for the Scarborough Library: Support for the library (deferred funding)

Leonard J. McCormack Endowment for Nursing: Scholarship and program support

Rubye Clyde McCormick Scholarship: General academic students

Drs. Dorothy and Allison Hively Scholarship: Education students: General academic students (deferred funding)

Moler General Scholarship: General academic students

The William E. (Ned) Moler Scholarship: General academic students



Michael M. Athey, EdD Endowed Scholarship: Science education students and student athletes in men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball (deferred funding) 

BB&T Bank/Lacy I. Rice Sr. Endowed Scholarship: Eastern Panhandle students

Helen and Albert Alvarez Memorial Scholarship: WV Students

Ramon A. and Mary E. Alvarez Faculty Excellence Fund in Business Administration: Support for business department faculty

Dawn E. Beaumont University Faculty Excellence Fund: Support for visiting professors, alumni, and dignitaries

John R. Conard Science Fund:  Scholarship and program support

Thomas T. and Margaret S. Dunn Scholarship:  Martinsburg H.S. students

W. R. Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Honors Programs: Honors Programs

C. Brown and Hazel M. Hendricks Scholarship:  Home economics, psychology, arts, or music students

Dr. Robert A. Holmes and Gloria Cary Holmes Scholarship: Members of the Stubbs-Washington-Branson family (deferred funding)

Ray and Madeline Johnston Endowed Chair in American History: Support for History department faculty

Sarah Knutti Library Fund: Scarborough Library program support

Thomas and Sherry Lurry Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Jo Ann Mentzer Scholarship: Elementary education students from Berkeley, Jefferson, or Morgan Counties

Andrew D. Michael Endowed Chair for Theater: Faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

Thomas W. Miller Endowed Chair in Visual Arts: Visual Arts faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

Thomas W. Miller Endowed Professorship in Visual Arts: Visual Arts faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

M. Elizabeth Oates Faculty Excellence Endowment for Business: Business faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

Carl K. Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics and Mathematics Education: Math and math education students

Carl K. Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Science and Science Education: Science and science education students

Carl K. Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Nursing: Nursing students

Carl K. Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Education: Education students

Carl K. Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Fine Arts: Fine Arts students

Carl K. Rauch and Susan Besaw Rauch Endowed Scholarship for Business: Business or accounting students

John T. Reynolds Endowed Chair in Chemistry: Chemistry faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

Edward and Mary Ann Rogers Education Scholarship: Education students (deferred funding)

M. Saufley and Virginia Rudasill Saufley Memorial Scholarship: Nursing students

Florence and Velma Shaw Memorial: Scholarship and residence hall life enhancement program support

Shepherd Ram Common Man Endowed Football Scholarship: Football student athletes

Shepherd University General Enhancement: General university program support

Edward L. Snyder Endowed Chair for Business and Social Sciences: Business program dean’s faculty excellence support



Bertha Rae Baker Memorial Scholarship: Minority education students

Jean Skinner Baldwin Memorial Scholarship: Jefferson County elementary education students

Dr. Sara H. Cree Scholarship: Physical education students

Mary Jane Davis Scholarship: Education students

Nancy Miller Dockeney Memorial Scholarship: Music students

Jack and Pat Egle Scholarship: WV biology or chemistry students (deferred funding)

M. Douglas Harlan Endowment: Community College scholarship and program support

Capt. Charles N.G. and Jessie S. Hendrix Memorial: Pre-med or related field

Mary J. Hendrix Scholarship:  General academic students

Priscilla L. Holmes and Genevieve Monroe Scholarship: Members of the Stubbs-Washington-Branson family (deferred funding)

Ernest Houser, Jr. and Gladys V. Houser, R. N. Scholarship: WV nursing students

Michael W. Hudson Scholarship: General Academic (deferred funding)

Stanley O. Ikenberry Presidential Discretionary Fund: SU president’s support for excellence

Jefferson County Degree Completion Scholarship Fund: Minority residents of Jefferson County

Elmer F. Keebler Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Marian and Upton Martin Scholarship:  Deserving WV students

George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War:  Support of Civil War research

Travis M. Propst Faculty Excellence Fund for Economics: Economics faculty excellence support (deferred funding)

Travis M. Propst Scholarship: Economics students (deferred funding)

Elsie Brown and Joseph J. Renn Memorial Scholarship: Biological sciences students

Dr. Ruth Scarborough Scholarship: Social science students

Scarborough Society Faculty Excellence Endowment Fund: Library dean faculty excellence support

Scarborough Society of Shepherd University Fund:  Designated for the improvement of the library’s information technology

Merle J. and Josephine Saville Shultz Scholarship: Elementary education and science students

Shepherd University Alumni Association Library Endowment: Library program support

Suzanne Shipley/Create the Future Endowment: Students and faculty studying abroad

T. Edward Stotler Memorial Scholarship: Business administration students

Earl W. Weller Memorial Scholarship: Berkeley County students

Ruth Yates Family Scholarship: General academic students



Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment: General academic students

Athletic Scholarship: Student athletes

Myra H. Ault Scholarship: Early childhood education students (deferred funding)

Bank of Charles Town Scholarship: General academic students

Helen Cook Barrow Scholarship Fund: Education students

Helene Alvarez Bazzrea Memorial Scholarship:  Elementary education students

BB&T Bank Scholarship (formerly F&M):  General academic and business students

Walter A. Barr & J. Michael Jacobs Endowed Football Scholarship: Football student athletes

Dr. Carl Bell Biology Fund:  Biology scholarship and program support

James W. and Sharon Devol Brown Scholarship: Education students and student athletes (with a preference for basketball)

Ralph and Margaret Burkhart Memorial Scholarship: Science, business education or arts & humanities students

Erma Ora Byrd Memorial Scholarship: Funded by PrimeCare Medical, Inc. for nursing students

Charles Town Kiwanis Club Scholarship: General academic students

Albert H. and Estelle Koonce Cobb Memorial Research: Science research support

Daniel and Orpha Cowgill Scholarship: Support for Shepherd University South Branch area students (deferred funding)

Tony Del-Colle Endowed Memorial: Jefferson County returning students

Delta Sigma Pi, Epsilon Kappa Alumni Association Scholarship: Members of Delta Sigma Pi

District VI Nurses Scholarship: District VI Nursing students

Charles E. Doss Memorial Scholarship:  General academic students

Professor Sharon R. Drummeter Endowed Scholarship for Nursing

Catherine Dunlop Scholarship: Elementary education students

David L. Dunlop Honors Scholarship: Honors Program students

Mary C. Enright Scholarship: History students

Carole Ergin Scholarship Fund: WV social work students

Alice Wright Frank Memorial Scholarship: Music students

Guy J. Frank Memorial Faculty Enrichment Fund for Music: Support for music department faculty

Foundation Football Scholarship: Football student athletes

Carrie Armstrong Gans Memorial Scholarship: Deserving WV education students

Gateway Nursing Endowment: Merit awards nursing students

James S. Hafer Memorial Scholarship: Political science students

Frances & Lucille Hefflebower Scholarship:  WV elementary education students

Ida Elizabeth Hendricks Memorial Scholarship:  Developmental studies students

Ed Herendeen Fund for Contemporary Theater: CATF program support

Keith L. Hess Scholarship: Student-athletes involved in the men's basketball program

Holcombe English Scholarship:  English education students

Margaret Ikenberry Memorial Fund for Popodicon Garden: Beautification of Popodicon Garden

Dr. Oliver Ikenberry Memorial Scholarship: Outstanding student awards

Jefferson Security Bank Scholarship: General academic students

Jerry and Carol Kerr Faculty Excellence Fund for Accounting: Accounting faculty excellence support

Jerry and Carol Kerr Scholarship:  Accounting students

James and Virginia Kinkead and Hilda Beall Kinkead Scholarship: Education students

William E. and Jo Ann Jackson Knode Scholarship: General academic students

E. William Johnson Memorial Scholarship: Business students

R. E. Knutti, MD Fund in memory of John G. Knutti:  University library program support

Glen Lapp Excellence in Nursing Endowment:  Outstanding WV students

Almyra P. Lemen Scholarship: Student athletes

Louise Nelson Leonard Memorial Scholarship:  Political science students

Andrew F. and Virginia Heckert Long Scholarship: General academic students

John D. and Elizabeth S. Lowe Scholarships: Students on golf team; Historic preservation students

Newton B. McKee Scholarship: Berkeley/Jefferson County students

McMillan Family Scholarship for Theater:  Theater students

Jeffrey Miller Memorial Scholarship:  Art students

Multicultural Leadership Scholarship:  Students committed to improving diversity and race relations

Annette Murphy Faculty Excellence Fund in English: English department faculty excellence support

George M. Nethken Graduate Fellowship:  Fellowship award to the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War

John Glenn Phillips Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Peggy Collins Porterfield Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Nursing students

Dr. Bill Pringle Scholarship: Science students

Darrell Reeder Memorial Scholarship: Biology students

Thomas Guy Reynolds Scholarship:  Education students

Imogene Coleman Davenport Riely Memorial Scholarship: General academic students, first priority to Jefferson County residents

Leeds K. Riely Memorial Scholarship: Jefferson County students 

Roach Oil Company Business Scholarship: Business management students

Thelma Faye Rollins Scholarship: Blind students

John David Russell Memorial Scholarship: Basketball student athletes

Adele and Charles Sands Scholarship: First-year or transfer student athletes, preference for business administration students or related field

Scholarship Fund for Students from Washington County, MD:  General academic students

Florence Shaw Dept. of Education Endowment: Merit awards for faculty excellence support

Shepherd University Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment: General academic students

Shepherd University Classified Employees Scholarship: Students who are children of classified employees

Shepherd University Faculty Senate Scholarship:  Faculty family students

M. Louise Shimp Memorial Faculty Excellence Endowment Fund for Art: Faculty excellence support

Walker Horton Shipley Music Scholarship: Music students

Elizabeth J. Snyder Memorial Scholarship: History students (deferred funding)

Henry and Edna Snyder, Jr. Scholarship: Jefferson County students

Violet Wilt Stewart Memorial Scholarship: 4-H students from Hardy, Grant, or Pendleton Counties in West Virginia.

Storer College Scholarship: General academic students

John P. and Linda M. Strider Scholarship:  Accounting or business students

George & Margaret Tabler Scholarship: Berkeley County elementary or secondary education students

W. R. Thacher Memorial: General academic students

Robert Schell Ulrich Endowment: George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War program support (deferred funding)

Van Evera Scholarship: General academic students

Washington County, MD Homemakers Scholarship:  Washington County, MD students

Paul and Lisa Welch Endowment: Community-based program support

Elizabeth Wilson Scholarship: Eastern Panhandle students

George Wilson Endowment for Communications: Communications students (deferred funding)

George Wilson Endowment for Music: Music students (deferred funding)

Harry Edward Wilt, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Eastern Panhandle business/math/science students

James Wright Endowment:  Academic programs support (deferred funding)



1955 Football Team Endowment: Football program support

Allegheny Power Scholarship:  General academic students

Raymond Baby-J.O. Knott Scholarship: General academic students from Jefferson County, WV and Washington County, MD

Basketball Scholarship: Basketball student athletes

Keith and Susan Batten Scholarship:  Nursing or social work students from Jefferson or Berkeley Counties

Berkeley County Crime Solvers Scholarship: Criminal justice or fire science students

Jeffery L. Blouse Memorial Scholarship: Freshman students active in HIV prevention and awareness

Joseph and William Byers Memorial Scholarship: Education or business students

Monte Cater Silver Anniversary Endowed Football Scholarship: Football student athletes

Roger and Emily Cissel Scholarship: Appalachia and WV students

Citizens National Bank, Berkeley Springs Scholarship: General academic students

S. Dallas Cooley Scholarship: South Branch area nursing students

Shirley Cooper Memorial Scholarship: Tucker County students

Deborah Dhayer Scholarship: Female student athletes

Eastern Panhandle Federal Executives Association of WV Public Service Scholarship: General academic students involved in public service

John L. and Anna Hill Egle Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

David C. Eldridge Scholarship:  WV science students

Everhart-Dersam-Unseld Scholarship: Elementary education students

Barbara Puckett Greenstreet Scholarship:  Education students

Lavely D. Gruber Scholarship: General academic students

Ken and Kitty Harbaugh Scholarship:  Washington County, MD elementary education students

Ray E. Harris Scholarship: Science students

Dayton and Donna Hinke Scholarship: WV elementary or secondary education students

Dr. Cornelia Hoch-Ligeti Memorial: Music or life science students

Dr. Robert A. Holmes Endowed Scholarship: Eastern Panhandle political science students

Josephine Elizabeth McMurran Kellogg Scholarship: Non-traditional students

Richard A. Keplinger Scholarship: Delta Sigma students

Percy H. and Hubert D. Lowry Memorial Scholarship: WV students

Lueck-Taylor Memorial Football Scholarship: Football student athletes

Evelyn Miller Scholarship:  Multicultural Leadership students

Donald L. Myers Scholarship: Business, economics, or accounting students from Maryland

Albert C. and Jeanne V. Nerhood Memorial Scholarship: Jefferson County nursing students

Caroline Pritts Nethken Memorial Scholarship:  Deserving elementary education students

Lt. Gilbert Perry Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Piedmont, WV High School Scholarship:  Graduates and descendants of PHS graduates

Thomas A. Polutanovitch Scholarship: Science students from Delaware

Virginia Lowe Ramsburg Memorial Scholarship: West Virginia nursing students

Ronald Reeder Memorial Scholarship:  Deserving environmental sciences students

Jason G. Regester Memorial Scholarship:  Nursing students, male preference

John Thomas Reynolds Scholarship: General academic students

Harry C. Rickard Scholarship: General academic students

John F. Schmidt Scholarship: Chemistry students

Roy Blake and Beatrice Lentz Shrout Memorial Scholarship: Rising junior or senior WV education students

Amanda Smailes Memorial Scholarship:  Berkeley County nursing students completing junior year

Gerald F. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Frederick County, VA, business, science or engineering students

Martha L. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Deserving WV agriculture, horticulture related, or environmental science students

Dr. William M. Speg Memorial Scholarship: Secondary education students

Richard L. Stephan Endowment and Scholarship: Astronomy students and program support

Leona Bent Stutzman Memorial Scholarship: University support

Bertha M. Thomas Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Rev. Paul and Jean Thompson Scholarship: Pre-ministerial students

Tiano Family Endowed Scholarship: General academic students

The Reverend John F. Torrence and Shepherdstown Lutheran Parish Scholarship: General academic students, with preference for members of Shepherdstown Lutheran Parish

Dr. C. Vincent Townsend EMS Scholarship: EMS Eastern Panhandle, safety

Gregg Warfield Memorial: Graduates of Dundalk, Patapsco, or Sparrow Point H.S.

Marstella Washington and Daniel Stubbs Scholarship: Members of the Stubbs-Washington-Branson family

Jack M. and Anna P. Widmyer Scholarship: General academic students

Charles Woodward Scholarship: Nursing, biology, or related medical field students



Academic Programs: University academic programs support

Mrs. John N. Andrews Scholarship: General academic students

I.O. Ash Memorial Scholarship:  Secondary education students

Minerva Pritchard Bancroft Memorial: Theater students

Hazel Barnes Memorial Scholarship: Freshman general academic students from Falling Waters, WV

C. Thomas Baxter Memorial Scholarship:  General academic students

Joanna de B. Blundell Memorial Scholarship: Arts students

G. D. Bragaw Scholarship in Memory of Robert A. Lux: Political science or history students

Ruth F. Brant Memorial: Nursing students

Harry Hunter Burks, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Elementary education students

Business Administration Scholarship: Business administration students

James A. Butcher Education Scholarship: Education students

Howard N. Carper, Jr. Scholarship: General academic students

Alma Lee Strider Christian Scholarship: General academic students

Sara Beth Chroussis Memorial Fund: Art students

City National Bank Scholarship: General academic students

Charles David and Sarah Reynolds Ebert Memorial Scholarship: Berkeley County elementary education students

George W. Dersam & Blanche Dersam Everhart Memorial Scholarship: Elementary education students

Catherine C. Fix English Department Fund: Theme writing awards

D. Allen Fowler Memorial Scholarship: Eastern West Virginia students

Guy Frank Professor Emeritus Scholarship:  Music students

Friends of the Art Department Fund: Art department program support and art students

Pauline Gregory Memorial Scholarship: Nursing students

Florence M. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship: Elementary education students

Hazel Hendricks Endowed Family/Consumer Sciences Scholarship: Books/supplies for FCS students

Elise Hoch Memorial Scholarship: Music students

Edmund Schley & Lelia Jeanette Moler Hoffmaster Scholarship: Jefferson County education students

Huntington National Bank Scholarship: General academic students

Dr. Fred Kenamond Business Scholarship: Business students

Calvin and Dorothy Rutherford Kibler Memorial Scholarship: Berkeley County students

Capt. Joseph G. Kime III Memorial Scholarship: Jefferson County veterans or children of veterans

Frederick Klein Memorial Scholarship:  Student athletes

Harry V. Klug Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Library Miscellaneous: Scarborough Library program support

Vera Malton Scholarship:  English and communications students

Martinsburg Civitan Club Scholarship: Nursing, pre-med, or special education students

Mr. and Mrs. C. David Miller Scholarship:  WV returning students

D. Lee Morgan Scholarship: Fire science students

Wilma A. Neff Endowed Scholarship:  Jefferson County, WV or Eastern Panhandle elementary education students with strong emphasis in special education

David and Betsy Newlin Scholarship:  General academic students

Nellie Gantt Owens Book Scholarship:  English students

Jean F. Parsons Memorial Scholarship: Nursing students

Coach Dean Pease Memorial Scholarship: Baseball program support

N. Lamont Pyles Scholarship: General academic students

Dr. Michael Riccards Minority Student Scholarship: Minority general academic students

Anna Thorn Rice Memorial Scholarship: Nursing students

Paul Saab Memorial Scholarship:  General academic students

Catherine Ocheltree and Kenneth Miller Saunders Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Shepherd University Foundation Tours Scholarship:  General academic students

Shepherd New and Emerging Sports Scholarship: Future sports programs support

Agnes Tabler Scholarship: Elementary education students

Elizabeth R. Tabler Scholarship: Elementary/secondary education students

Tri-State Civitan Scholarship: WV, MD, or PA nursing, social work, or psychology students

United National Bank Scholarship:  Business administration students

Washington Gateway Program Endowed Scholarship: Students who participated in the Junior High Washington Gateway Academy

Karen Wempe Memorial Scholarship:  General academic students

West Virginia Society of DC Scholarship:  WV general academic students

James and Gladys Wright Fund:  Unrestricted university support (deferred funding)

Zenith Young Memorial Scholarship: General academic students



Accounting Scholarship: Accounting students

Maurice Adams II Scholarship: Children of Maurice Adams or general academic students

Howard N. and Goldie G. Carper Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Charles Town Lions Club Scholarship: Nursing students

Earl Coffman Scholarship: General academic students

Marguerite Colavecchio Memorial Scholarship: WV business students

Richard “Larry” Collette Memorial Scholarship:  General academic students

Kay & Daniel De Palma Scholarship: Senior business administration students

John E. Diehl Memorial Scholarship:  Chemistry students

Elementary Education Scholarship: Elementary education students

Annita L. Capouellez-Flett Memorial Scholarship:  Nursing students

Leona Henshaw Thatcher Eubank Memorial Scholarship: Junior or seniors in speech communications or forensics; preference to WV or MD students

Charles H. and Clara L. Freeland Scholarship: Hampshire or Jefferson County elementary education students

Margaret R. Good Memorial Music Scholarship: Music students

Mark S. Grove Memorial Scholarship: Sophomore accounting students

John Headlee Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Earl E. Henderson Scholarship: General academic students

Kris Hughes/Angelo Smith Memorial Scholarship: Business student athletes who play football

Hungarian Student Scholarship: Hungarian students

Mary C. Hunter Scholarship: WV students

Martha Josephs Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Leo G. Kesecker Scholarship: Berkeley County education students

John Knipe Memorial Scholarship: Education students

Mary Elizabeth Lewis Memorial Scholarship: Music and computer science students

John Y. McDonald Memorial Scholarship: General academic scholarship students

Benjamin and Mary Lou Mehrling Fund: General academic students (deferred funding)

Homer N. and Jane Beverly Staples Pankey Research Memorial Scholarship: Research support

Jennings Randolph Endowed Scholarship in Environmental Sciences: Environmental sciences students

Kenneth Riley Memorial Scholarship: Psychology major students

Zoë Haynes Seale Scholarship: General academic students

Servicemaster, Inc. Scholarship:  General academic students

Nevin M. Shank Memorial Scholarship: Junior general education or business students from Washington County, MD

Shenandoah Federal Savings Bank Scholarship: Business students

Shepherd University Class of 1996 Scholarship: General academic students

Peter/Solomon Shriver Memorial Scholarship: Students who are descendants of Peter or Solomon Shriver

Gordon Slonaker Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Paxton Gregg and Vivian Park Snyder Scholarship: Student support for purchase of textbooks

Virginia DeHaven Stuckey Memorial Scholarship: Education students

Sundry Scholarship: Football, business, basketball or nursing students

Mary Livers Thorn Memorial Scholarship: Nursing students

Ollie Lightfoot Tolbert Memorial Scholarship:  Multicultural Leadership students

Washington Chair of Ethics: Faculty excellence support

James R. Wilkins Educational Scholarship: Education or environmental education students from Frederick County, VA



James Bryant Memorial Scholarship:  Science education students

Agnes Burns Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Charles Town Gaming Scholarship: Students who are employed by Charles Town Races and Slots

Chemistry Fund: Chemistry program support

Community Oil Company Scholarship: General academic students

Scott Davis Memorial Scholarship:  Art education students

JoAnne Swan Greenlee Award: Women’s Studies students

Charlie Kave Memorial Scholarship:  Football student athletes

Carroll and Mary Ellen Wareham Kline Scholarship: Eastern Panhandle students

Janet Yvonne Riley Memorial Scholarship: General academic students

Shepherd University Classes of 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980,  1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Honor Funds: General academic students

Shepherd University South Branch Scholarship: South Branch area students

Charles H. Smith Memorial Award in Social Work: Social work students

William M. Stanley Memorial Scholarship: Student athletes

Bruce M. Van Wyk Scholarship: General academic students

Evelyne and Maurice Viener Scholarship: General academic students

James and Pamela Watson Scholarship: WV non-traditional female students

Dr. W.H.S. White Memorial Scholarship: General academic students


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