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Scarborough Society Board and Members

In Memory of Charles '40 and Beth Printz

Scarborough Society Board of Directors
Ramon Alvarez '62, President

Martin Keesecker, Vice President
Sara Lueck '67, Secretary
Bonnie Brannon '63
Jean Elliott '54
Betty Gunnoe
Dale Hicks '61
Sharon Henderson

Ann Wilson Hummer '69

Gina Miller '10, Treasurer

Phyllis Smock
Sandy Sponaugle '95

Lisa Welch
Monica Lingenfelter, Advisor

Ann Watson, Advisor

Scarborough Society Members

William H. Adams
Skip Adkins
Ray Alvarez
Mary Alvarez

Mike Alvarez
Sophia Alvarez

Martin and Elise Baach

R. Scott Beard and Alan Gibson
Katie Begole

Lorene Bernardo

Edwinna Bernat
Jack and Peggy Booth
James E. Boyd
Bo and Anita Bragaw
Leslie and Bonnie Brannon

Wayne Braunstein

John Bresland and Beth Batdorf

Philip Bufithis
Dannie Wall
Charles and Patricia Brown
Margaret and Howe Brown
David and Carolyn Bryant
Naomi W. Butler

Jean Carper
R. Dabney Chapman

Frances Christman
Margaret Gore Covington

James and Vivian Cramer
Jim and Mary Jane Davis
Nancy Myers DePasquale
Thomas and Sandra D'Onofrio
John Doyle

Bill and Sarah Drennen
Richard S. Durham

J.G. Egeland
Jack and Pat Egle
Mary Sue Eldridge
Jean A. Elliott
James and Mary Clare Eros
Clara R. Evans
Mel and Merva Filler
Dr. Guy J. Frank
Robert and Barbara Frankenberry
Rod and Lynn Frye
Barbara B. Fulton
Andrea Lynn Goren
Sally Ann Greenfield
Betty Gunnoe
Barry Hall
Conrad and Mary Ann Hammann

Thomas Hanna and Sandra Osbourn
Richard F. Harmison

Joseph Harrington
Karen J. Hedlund
Al and Sharon Henderson
Ann W. Henriksson
Dale C. Hicks

Virginia Hicks
Andy Higham
Jane Higham
Charles and Mary Hill
Gale Hill
Lily Hill

Dot Hively and Allison Edwards
E. Leslie Hoffman
James and Mary Holland
Agnes Warther Holloway
Richard Holmes
Jerry and Susanne Horner
Jane E. Hughes
Robert and Beverly Hughes
Andrew J. Iden
Stanley Ikenberry
Bill and Nikki Isherwood

Keith and Tari Janssen

Sandra Jenkins and Mary Bell

Tom JimerField

Curran C. Johnston
Harry and Carol Kable

John and Phyliss Kafton

Wanda T. Keebler
Aretha Champ Kees

Anne Kerfoot

Martin Keesecker
Elliot and Nancy Kirschbaum

Richard and Kathy Klein


Mark Knott
Melinda Y. Landolt

Bill and Monica Lingenfelter

Betty S. Lowe
Al and Sara Lueck

William Link

Richard and Joni Lyon
Katherine Mace
Alexander Mace
Tom and Lolly Martin
Dr. R. Dale McCormick
Frances C. McFerren

Judi McIntyre
Bob and Tia McMillan
Susan Mentzer-Blair
Andrew Michael
Patricia A. Miley

C. David and Barbara Miller
Lex and Pam Miller
Floyd W. Miller

Gina Miller

Howard and Gussie Mills
Mary Ann White Morgan

Kathryn Morris
Helen Boltz Murphy
Dr. Betty Myers
Laura A. Neal
Nancy Needy
Richard and Barbara Nickell

Colleen Nolan
James and Elizabeth Norton
Valerie Owens
Donald and Charlotte Painter

Suzanne Patrick
Deborah Piscitelli

Rebecca Phipps
Babulal Pragani
Norman G. Price
Eleanor Pritts
Gary L. Recher

Thomas and Cheryl Reilly
Lacy Rice
Suzy Rice
J. David Rickard
Wilma Roumel

Philip and Katherine Ryan

Charles Sager
Michael and Cinda Scales
Rachel and Jan Schipper

Ivan and Betty Severson
John and Patti Sherwood
Suzanne Shipley and Randall Wadsworth

Christy Showers
Ray and Sylvia Shurbutt

Joe and Julie Siler

Joe and Norma Siler
Anne Small

Fanny M. Smith

Nelson Smith
Raymond and Phyllis Smock

John and Pam Splaine

Sandy Sponaugle
Peter and Lois Spreen

Jim and Mary Staley
Drs. Mark and Barbara Stern
William and Jane Strasser
Ed Strauss

Larry and Nancy Strite
Alan and Elizabeth Sturm

William Theriault

Jerry and Victoria Thomas
Susan Clohan Thorniley

Lou and Marina Tiano
Sara H. Townsend

Marie Tyler-McGraw and Howard Wachtel
Carol Ann Van Evera

Frank and Annette van Hilst
Charles W. Van Metre
Russell G. Voelker
Henry and Dale Walter III

Iuliana Washington
Paul and Lisa Welch

Arthur Winberg and Susan Brown
Helen F. Whitmer
Jerry and Nelda Williams
Peter and Lynn Wilson

Karl Wolf
Mary Ann Wood
James K. and Gladys L. Wright

Suzy Yates

Jack and Martha Young

BB&T Wealth Management
Bowles Rice McDavid Graff and Love, LLP

Capital Fiduciary Advisors
City National Bank
CoxHollidaPrice, LLC
Friends of the Shepherdstown Riverfront
Hoxton Financial
Jefferson Security Bank
Smith Elliott Kearns and Co., LLC
United Bank
Valley Proteins




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